A Day In My Life

My typical day was last Thursday, a sort of typical day.

My alarm is set for 6am but I’m usually awake and about, shortly after 5. In the winter it’s dark and cold but now that spring has finally come to NH, it’s really quite pleasant. Like everyone else, first things first – the morning jab. I love my Ping meter but – I wish it was easier to see…, especially first thing in the morning. I do a little dance in the kitchen if it’s good – and a quiet “huh?” (which sometimes sounds like a bad word – who me?) when it’s not so good.
Coffee, email, papers and blog reading next. The papers, are of course, on the computer. I also check my Outlook calendar where I have my set change days marked. Today – no change – yippee! I’m on the treadmill at 7, walking to the oldies. I’ve tried some podcasts but, I walk better with the old time rock & roll. The BG climbs up during this time – so by breakfast, it’s a correction plus food bolus.

Breakfast – is now, usually, 2 sausages (pre-cooked, 90 seconds in the microwave) and 1/2 cup of applesauce. It works for me, my stomach doesn’t growl all morning and no high numbers!

At the office, which is at a church, I’m ok as long as no one is having a meeting. Meetings mean food – really tempting food. Homemade coffee cakes, chocolate chip cookies type food. My downfall… No temptations today.
Lunch is at home 3 days out of the 4 that I work. One day is “eat out” day. I eat at home today, sandwich made with PF bread (9 carbs a slice), with a couple of potato chips (1/2 serving).
Today (Thursday), I’m attending an Animas Ping Support Group meeting in Manchester. It’s about an hour and a half away so I jabbed before I left, made sure I had my “low stuff” in the car and hit the interstate.
This is only the second meeting I’ve attended and I’m so pleased to be a part of this group. The Animas RD/CDE who runs the meeting is a delightful young lady with enthusiasm and lots of positive/encouraging remarks. Tonight there are eleven of us at the meeting. She even feeds us! Tonight is Panera with salad, breads, 1/2 sandwiches and cookies. She has a printout of the carb count for everything and walks around giving us each our numbers. Lots of beeping ensues – a few “Fur Elises” and everyone eats. Over half the group are also using the Dexcom CGMS. Our next meeting is with a Dexcom rep. I’m going to attend, but I’m not sure yet if that’s something I want to do. The meeting lasts about 2 hours with lots of chatting, helpful hints (I’m still new at this) and whining about the meter from everyone. I even learn how to shut off the “vibrate” when bolusing – who knew it was under “sound?” (I know, use the manual…)
Home by 9 – blithering to the husband about how great it is to meet with other pumpers, checked BG w/ correction needed, some TV, some blog reading, and off to bed by 11.
Woke up at midnight – I hardly ever wake up during the night so I checked – it was 101 so I went back to bed.

7 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. “I do a little dance in the kitchen if it's good – and a quiet 'huh?' (which sometimes sounds like a bad word – who me?) when it's not so good.”

    This is me in the mornings. Absolutely. And it's one thing to get Panera, it's another to know the carb count…

  2. I find that if I wake up at all at night I have to check my BG. Like I feel guilt if I don't! Weird? aND a major hi 5 for the treadmill!

  3. Loved your Day In The Life post!!!! Don't you wish someone had a print out with carb counts for our food every where we go? In fact, I even want a little elf with a carb print out to live in my kitchen. 😉

  4. Colleen, I love that PF bread. I use that for sandwiches too. (and I too check anytime I happen to wake up in the middle of the night… it feels like a glimpse in time that I don't usually have)
    Have a great week!

  5. Ahhhh, “the morning” immediately followed by coffee. Great minds think alike! Thanks for letting us into your world!

  6. [hangs head] I have trouble sleeping so if I wake up at night, the Last thing I do is check. I just get mad. Ha.

    Great insight into your day. So glad you like the meetings.

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