Carbs, does she or doesn’t she?

Dinner’s just about ready but I told M I had to finish this first. He asked the topic and I said, “Carbs, do you or don’t you?” His reply, “Only your meter knows for sure.” And yes, I live with this man… Thinking about this, most of you will have NO memory of an old ad about hair coloring. Oh well…
To carb or not to carb. Today let’s blog about what we eat. And perhaps what we don’t eat. Some believe a low carb diet is important in diabetes management, while others believe carbs are fine as long as they are counted and bolused for. Which side of the fence do you fall on? What kind of things do you eat for meals and snacks? What foods do you deem bolus-worthy? What other foodie wisdom would you like to share?
I walk on the fence. We only lived in one house (of the 15-20 I’ve lived in since age 3((I’m an Army Brat)) ) with a picket fence, and I loved balancing and walking along it. I don’t remember ever falling but who knows? It was a long time ago.
To be honest, I’d never really studied nutrition labels before my diagnosis. I couldn’t have told you the technical nutritional composition of most of the foods we ate. We always had “healthy meals” especially with the kids but – yes, there was junk food in the house – and yes, I ate it. It’s funny because we were (and still are!) empty nesters when I was diagnosed – and eating better than we ever had. No fussy kids, no picky teenagers, no chicken nuggets in the freezer, very few cookies/snacks in the cabinet, hardly ever baked a cake as we never finished them.

Weight was never an issue. Sure, it would be nice to lose a few pounds but I never went on a diet. The only time I drank diet soda was during my first pregnancy when my weight went overboard.

Now, it’s a whole new game. Sometimes I lose and other times, I win. Labels, we have labels. A drawer full of labels. We keep a stash of some like the yogurts, etc… since they’re not individually labeled. I don’t wear glasses but, I have to put on the cheapo reading glasses for the labels.

And I’ve decided that for me carbs are not all the same, sort of. And that eating means making choices. And that I refuse to call it cheating if I eat something junky or sweet or just plain yummy.

I eat like most of you. And I’ve learned how to do this by reading the books, the cookbooks, the magazine articles but most of all – learning from the DOC. I had no idea pizza could skyrocket bg’s until I read it on a blog (well, lots of blogs).
And so, my eating choices are just that, educated choices to make each day a good one, a fun day and one where I feel I have eating choices. And yup, I’ll eat a cookie – but not every day. I love ice cream – I measure it and enjoy every bite. But, I hardly ever eat: pizza, mac & cheese, spaghetti, big baked potato… you get the idea.

Wednesday’s carbs & food –
Breakfast – 15 – leftover egg/sausage breakfast casserole (count is a guess but it works, 101 before lunch)

Lunch – 28 – sandwich w/ PF bread, some meat & cheese, a few potato chips

Snack – 7 – 1/3 serving of Cheez-Its (10 of them, great self restraint…)
Dinner – 40 – beef stew, piece of grainy bakery bread

Ice Cream! – 25 – Edy’s double fudge brownie

For now, I’m pretty balanced on the D-fence. Hope I stay that way.

(But – wait until you read about my 3 days of highest blood sugars ever this week – will post next week!)
To Karen – this has been great fun, hope it becomes an annual blogging tradition, it’s so much easier than the month of posting in November. And I’ve found new blogs to read!

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  1. To be honest, I learned so many new things from reading blogs too – like that chocolate isn't good for treating lows because the fat slows down the absorption. The thing is, I had diabetes for about 27 years before I found diabetes blogs!!! The D-OC is a great resource for old diabetics (like me) and young diabetics (like you) both!

    I'm really glad to see so many others (including you) take the same stand on the carb issue that I do. Everything in moderation, right?

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