The Cure

Dream a little dream – life after a cure. To wrap up Diabetes Blog Week, let’s pretend a cure has been found. We are all given a tiny little pill to swallow and *poof* our pancreases are back in working order. No side effects. No more insulin resistance. No more diabetes. Tell us what your life is now like. Or take us through your first day celebrating life without the Big D. Blog about how you imagine you would feel if you no longer were a Person With Diabetes.

Having had the “D” for only 5 years, my perspective is somewhat different. I just haven’t lived this “D” way as long as most of you, including the children. I’d love to see everyone cured and especially the children.

If cured, I’d have a party. I’d invite everyone who has supported me these past couple of years (that includes all of you). And it would be a giant buffett with everything anyone wants – well, maybe not caviar but – it would be delicious! And no one – absolutely NO ONE would be allowed to say, (say it with me!) “Can you eat that?”

5 thoughts on “The Cure

  1. What?!?! The phrase “Can you eat that?” would no longer exist??? Oh my… Can you say that???? Can you? Can we dream it? Oh boy.

  2. Great post…I can hardly wait for this party 🙂

    Of course, my daughter still would need gluten free cake…but…oh, well.

    In her mind, she'd rather be cured celiac instead of D. Totally shocked me.

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