Smoky Mellow Yellow

New Hampshire has turned yellow, but that’s ok because you can’t see most of the yellow due to the smoke.

The smoke blew in from some wildfires in Canada this weekend. It was mildly annoying. I can’t imagine how bad it must be when someone lives near a forest fire.

The mellow yellow is the pollen that is everywhere – outside & inside. I did the dusting and vacuuming thing on Friday. You can’t tell. You can draw on our coffee table. It rained some today but not enough – now the yellow stuff outside is in big globs. Oh well.

The d-stuff has been not so bad recently. I’m hesitant to say it’s been good as we all know what happens. I often think that having diabetes is similar to having children. Just when you think you’re the perfect mother as you have the best behaved children on the block, one (or sometimes both/all) do something so ridiculously stupid that you wonder why you thought you’d finally figured out parenthood. Diabetes plays the same tricks. And it’s just as disconcerting. (I really love spell check – I just spelled that with an s, duh…)

I have a new computer! I was running out of space on the old one – had back ups of back ups on extra drives. So I bit the bullet and got the new one. My biggest space grabber is photos, thousands of photos, including dad’s slides that I’m slowly scanning. Getting files, etc… moved is a pain as I’m determined to delete a whole bunch of junk. It reminds me of cleaning out a closet, a truly hateful chore. But I do love a clean closet when you can hang something up without breaking your arm to make space. (Please do not think that I have a ton of clothes – we just have small closets 🙂 ) 

Saw this on Facebook (posted by Melinda Vahradian) this weekend and thought some of you would like to see it, also.

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  1. It's a good time to clean out. I'm trying to do this with my house as well as my new computer. T'aint easy! But it'll be worth it. My new PC is super fast and though I wish I had Windows XP back, I love the speed.

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