Dumb things I’ve done…

Before I list my stupid moments…, I have a question. What do you do with your pump when you’re trying on clothes at a store?? Inquiring mind wants to know!

Stupid moments with my pump:
1 – This actually was with the pen – the first week on insulin – We went to a concert (classical music, nothing raucous) and during intermission I went to the car to do my Levemir. I’d had the pen about a week. Shoved it in and then realized, duh…, didn’t dial up a dose. So, had to do it again.

2 – This past weekend, we went away. I packed up all the stuff plus extras. Our first night we’re at a restaurant. I had checked BG before leaving the hotel but once the food arrived at our table, I wanted to check again. Couldn’t do that as I left the poker in the hotel on the table. (Used the earlier number and all was good.)

3 – The 3 (yes!) inset change. Did the change and it looked funny. Turns out (after I pulled it out) that I forgot to take off the needle cover. Did another and I can’t print the words I used after it went in as it hurt, big time. So took that one out and did a third, which worked. Oh well.

4- Yesterday, I took the pump off to change my clothes after work. You know where this is going. Two hours later we were ready for dinner, I did the BG check, then the carb count and pushed the buttons only to be told that the meter and the pump weren’t close enough to communicate. At which point I figured out that the pump was still sitting on the bed. Oh well.

This kind of stuff isn’t in the books – it’s only on the blogs. I might have had a panic attack but, thanks to all of you, I know that stuff happens and “it is what it is…”

My Ping Support Group meets next week and we’re going to do a video for the Animas Pump Triathlon Relay – http://pumptri.com/. No, we won’t be in a wagon.

5 thoughts on “Dumb things I’ve done…

  1. Colleen, it's good to hear from you! We had a lot of rain today too. I did just what you did with sticking the needle in but forgetting to dial the dose for Frank today at pre-school. What a muppet! Even Frank laughed at me. We are going to be looking at a pump soon, I think. Will keep you posted.

  2. This would be funny except that I know it isn't. But humor is the best way to accept it, as you're very good at doing. I'd hate to see myself doing all these checks.

  3. Okay, I know you saw my post today, so you saw my dumb pump alarm blooper!!!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has these moments. 🙂

    When I'm trying on clothes in the store, I disconnect my pump and just leave it clipped to my pants. I just find it easier than trying to juggle it. So far I've always remembered to hook back up when I'm done too. 😉

  4. oh! We have had so many of these moments, too many for sure. But the worst has to be trying to put on the set without taking out the needle cover! Been there…too many times. My poor little boys. 😦

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