Sunny Day

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood this weekend. Temps in the upper 80’s but – very little humidity. Just delightful! (Wish my bg’s were as good…)
The roar of the thousands of bikers here for Bike Week is lessening (today is the last day) and I am hoping for a quieter night of sleep.
I listened to Scott Johnson’s chat with Chris Snider this morning. I don’t “do” podcasts usually but am attempting to listen to the DOC people as Chris interviews them. Chris does a darn fine interview. He’s prepared with questions/thoughts/conversation and so the hour goes by quickly. Scott was thoughtful and considerate in his responses, and he made me smile and chuckle. I have a few more lined up to listen to, just need to find the time.
The Ping Support Group met last week and I persuaded them to do a video for the Animas Triathlon. We were missing several members as schools in NH are just finishing the year, and so the younger ones were involved in end of school activities. The plan had been to do something outside but, it was raining so we did our 10 seconds in the hotel meeting room. They think I’m slightly nuts but, we did it. None of them read any of the online blogs or forums.
I also saw my PCP last week. The week before I’d done my lab work as it takes several days up here in small town land to get the reports back. The lab begins sucking blood at 7:30 but – the “paperwork lady” arrives around 7:15. So I was there at 7, and sat in the parking lot with another lab waitee. We went in when the door was opened and I was out of there by 8 – yay! By the time I left, the waiting room was full. (I truly dislike fasting blood work.) (I am soooo envious of those who can make an appointment for lab work!) The doctor’s appointment was fine, the bp was awesome, – all the lab work was fine. The A1C wasn’t any lower but it wasn’t any higher, either. So I’m good for 3 months. Next appointment is with the CDE in the Endo’s office, in September.
No new d-pictures this week but – here’s a photo of some “baby” blueberries I spotted.

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  1. Your photos gave me my very first look of blueberries as nature prepares them. They don't actually come into the world in little plastic baskets in the supermarket, nor the plastic bags of them in the frozen section! Imagine that!? Now, have you ever seen how peanuts grow?

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