I need to get out more!

We need to go out more so I can figure out unusual carb counts and not amaze myself with a very high number after eating out. I am sure I can do this with much more practice. Right?

Went out to lunch today with friends and had a ham/swiss cheese panini with pineapple salsa, homemade chips and some pasta salad. I gave it all a ginormous number but, it wasn’t good enough. I even had them put the salsa on the side and did not eat it – well, one small bite but that’s all. I had the calorie king book in my purse but didn’t look up paninis. I’ll do it next time. I just checked paninis online and there’s a boatload of carbs in those things. Oh well. Live and learn.

The basal changes we made last week seem to be working (unless I eat a panini). But the morning stuff still drives me nuts. How I can wake up fine and then jump (30, 40, 50) with two cups of coffee is infuriating. I do a correction along with the breakfast bolus and all is good by lunchtime.

Breakfast is colorful and delicious right now. A local farm sells rasberries and blueberries, and they’re yummy. The local farm also has corn on the cob – just as delicious but, a little more carby than the berries.

Weather today is simply delightful (remind me next February). Sunny, breezy, temps in the low 70’s. Who could ask for anything more? (OK – better carb counting but, I’ll get there.)

4 thoughts on “I need to get out more!

  1. Went to the farmer's market the other day – what delicious fresh treats to be found… love this time of year of so much harvest!

  2. I have this morning jump also. It is so, so annoying. I finally got brave enough to take a shot of smylin upon rising. So far, it has helped. I know you are pretty new to this and adding another variable can be scarey.

  3. Yes, clearly you need to be taken out for lunch and dinner a little more often. That's the only way to figure it out. 🙂 (I still am hit and miss with things like Mexican food – guess I need to go out for some more. LOL)

    Do you bolus for your coffee? I was shocked when I went for pump training and found out that caffeine can spike the blood sugar. I'd been diabetic for 28 years at that point and that was the first time I'd ever heard of that. Maybe you can fiddle a bit and see what bolus can cover your coffee? I take one full unit for the huge vat of coffee I drink in the morning and am usually right on target when I do my pre-breakfast check. 🙂

  4. ugh! i went out yesterday for my anniversary and somehow, despite my impressive experience of successfully eating pasta, i OVERbolused for it. d-snafus happen to everybody.

    and by the way, i cant even eat paninis because i can't figure them out. there are different breads, various things to stuff them with, sauces, sizes…i loved the 3 i had, but didn't love the rough day i had afterward. i just leave them alone.

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