And… another doctor’s visit

Today was my annual visit to the dermatologist.

This is one of my few physician visits with little to no paperwork to take with me and even nicer, no lab work.

There are very few dermatologists in New Hampshire and none near our small town. So I drove to Concord today for my skin check. Four years ago, I had a basal cell skin cancer removed from my forehead, and because of that and my freckled Irish skin, I go every year. Today he “froze” off several areas on my face. Such fun. It doesn’t hurt, just stings a little. And I’ll look funny (funnier) in a few days but, it’s worth it. Best thing today… My appointment was at 1. I arrived at 12:30 because I’m always early and because it was raining (so I gave myself more time – more on that in a minute). I was called back immediately – huh?! And out of there before 1pm. It was nice!

About the rain. It’s prime tourist season here and when it rains, everyone – and I mean just about every tourist – hits the roads. Shopping, eating, movies – they’re all going somewhere. We don’t have that many roads and so, the backups are phenomenal. Now, I know it’s probably not any worse than “rush hour” traffic in other places. But we don’t have rush hours here, just the tourists. I’m glad they’re here. I’m glad they’re spending money at the local businesses. I hope they’re all having a grand vacation. Labor Day will be here soon. (In October I’ll repeat my annual whine about the tour buses full of leaf peepers 🙂 )

Pump’s basal changes seem to have done the trick, at least for now. It’s so nice to wake up to a 100 – or at least below 120.

So that’s the news from here in
small town New Hampshire.

3 thoughts on “And… another doctor’s visit

  1. My husband had skin cancer last year. Chemo and everything…so scary! I'm glad you are seeing your derm and taking care of yourself!

  2. Thanks for reminding me! I need to make a dermatologist appointment. It's now on my list of to do. I seem to be at some doctor or other every other week.

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