36 Years? Already!

On August 10, 1974, those two young people above were married. We were rather awed that we were being married that day. We’re even more awed that we still love being married to each other!
We were lucky to find each other although neither one of us thought that when we met…
The years have gone by quickly, except of course for those days when we wondered why us?

Life is good, we feel blessed.

6 thoughts on “36 Years? Already!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow – 36 years! We will celebrate our fifth in a month, so props to you on reaching that one! Thanks for sharing your day with the DOC!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! You were such a beautiful bride. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating yesterday. And I hope Pea and I are just as happy as you two are in 30 years when we celebrate our 36th.

  3. Funny thing–I knew it was you and your husband even before I scrolled down to the present photo. So cute you both were! and of course even more beautiful (& handsome) & wise than all those years ago. Sorry I'm late to wish you a happy anniversary, but it comes no less sincerely! Aren't old photographs wonderful?!!!

  4. Colleen, sorry I missed this. 36 years is a wonderful blessing. My bride and I recently celebrated 16 and wouldn't trade it for anything. I look forward to our 36th. Thanks for the lovely pictures. We should get together for coffee someday soon.

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