Whoopie, not really

A confession.
I ate half a whoopie pie yesterday. It was really, really good. I guessed the carb count. (Couldn’t find whoopie pies in the Calorie King book.) I’m not a good carb count guesser as shown by my meter a couple of hours later. I will be freezing the other whoopie pies and maybe have a bite if I have a low. I think one bite would be more than enough.
I had a wrap sandwich for lunch today. It had all sorts of non carby stuff in it. My BG was more than high 3 hours later. (Yup, shot some more and it’s going down.) (Must have been some carby sauce in there??)
Now I’m wondering… Maybe my insulin isn’t working. Maybe I have a bubble. Maybe it’s a not good site.
Maybe it wasn’t the whoopie pie…???
Not to worry. I do know better. Right after I take a picture of one of the leftover whoopie pies, they will go in the freezer, waaaay in the back. Maybe I’ll wrap them in foil so I won’t see them. Maybe I’ll forget they’re there.
Maybe when a cure is found, I can eat half a whoopie pie.
Or to be honest, maybe I’ll give it a higher carb count (much higher), if there’s a next time.

It really was really yummy…

6 thoughts on “Whoopie, not really

  1. Yum! Looks good. I can't say that I've ever had one before. Not sure I even know what they are. (maybe better that way)
    Sometimes, for whatever reason, some foods are hard to bolus for–even if you know the carb count.
    I say try again another day. You might hit it right the next time. 🙂

  2. That DOES look good. Maybe you need a new type of combination bolus for this. As in bolus, eat the whoopie pie, then grab the husband and make a little whoopie. All in the interest of blood sugar management of course!

  3. Mmmm, I've never had a Whoopie Pie, but it sure does look good.

    I have, however, had wrap sandwiches and I found that they spiked me high and hard every single time. I don't know why – but now I just avoid them. They aren't my favorite anyway – otherwise I'm sure I could trial & error my way to figuring out the right bolus though. But yeah, maybe it wasn't the insulin or the sauce or you . . . maybe it was just the wrap itself!!

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