Saving Memories – It’s important

No d-news, other than I’m using the 43″ inset as opposed to the 23″ inset. How exciting can I be? The 23 inch is what they sent with my first order and so, that’s what I’ve been using. Then I read someone’s post where she wrote that it’s easier to toss the pump on the bed when changing clothes when she’s using the longer tubing. The light bulb went off. Maybe I’d stop forgetting the pump on the bed if it was still attached to me?? So, I’ll try it. It’ll be a short try as I have boxes and boxes of the 23 inch and just one box of the 43 inch.

Right now, the d stuff is easy, not perfect but part of my routine.

Now, that was boring, huh?

I bought a new scanner this weekend. Had to, as the old scanner will not do its “scan the slides” thing with the new Windows 7 computer I got last month. Sucked. Well, it did suck. The new scanner cost half what the old scanner cost 5 years ago. The old scanner would scan 3 slides at a time after you slid each slide into a special holder. The new scanner scans 16 (!!) slides at time and you just set them on the screen in a plastic holder. With the old scanner, I had to select and scan each (of the 3) slides separately. The new scanner selects all 16 slides and scans each one as a separate jpg.

There were issues. The new scanner I wanted, said it wouldn’t work with Windows 7 but I did a “tech chat” and was told it would work. So I drove an hour to the nearest Staples on Saturday morning and bought it. Got home, hooked it up, and it would not install. Back to “tech chat” where the guy politely said I’d need to email them a proof of purchase before he could help. I told him he was SOL if I had to scan said proof of purchase. He agreed to help. Two hours later, the damn machine was installed and wowee zowee! My old computer was slow and scans took forever. Zip-zip! Scans are done quickly with the new machines.

Guess what I did all rainy Sunday?

I woke up with a sore left lower back this morning. Hmmmm… Took me awhile but – yeah, the scanner is on the left side of the desk and the reaching and lifting, lowering of the scanner lid probably did it in.

Scanning our family’s slides is a labor of love and foresight. It’s easier to scan and share all of the photos with my sister and brothers, than sit down and sort through the thousands of slides and try to figure out who gets what. And, none of us own a slide projector anyway.

I began this project five years ago. One of the nicest things that happened was being able to show dad his old photos while he lived in the nursing home (he died in January 2009). Although we bought a DVD player for his TV so we could show them that way, it didn’t work. The TV was too far away and too small. So, every couple of weeks I’d drag in the laptop and we’d go through his old photos. He couldn’t always remember who was who but we had a grand time. Even writing about it right now makes me smile. Most of the time we wouldn’t even get through a whole set of photos as he enjoyed telling his stories about the photos and I’d sit and listen. It was extremely helpful (I never thought I would say this) that I’d heard the stories a gajillion times throughout my life. That way, when he forgot or struggled to remember, I still could!

Below are my parents – Mom in 1950, Dad in 1953 in Korea.

Pretty cool, huh?
The scanner is an HP G4050. I paid $199 at Staples although I think I could have gotten it cheaper if I’d done a mail order. I didn’t want to wait. The tech support through their “online chat” was great (thanks Scott and Samuel S.).

3 thoughts on “Saving Memories – It’s important

  1. I used to take slides, and have them all boxed up, and hopefully not fading away. I found the cartridges like the one in your pic when having a sort out. And you've got me thinking about digitising my slides – as you say it's fairly cheap and quick now. Maybe it will be a winter project, but right now it's really busy, as you may have gathered from Julie's family blogs! Very best wishes to you, from Andrew

  2. Colleen, have fun scanning slides. I did a BIG family project several years ago and ended up putting together a book of family slides and stories (with help from my siblings) it was great fun. If you're interested, I used for the books. The results were great, if a little expensive.

  3. Gollee! I wish I'd known about a scanner that would scan slides zip-zip before we bought that new printer/scanner/fax combo last year! I even wasted money years back for a slide scanner that DID NOT WORK. You know how I'm scanning my slides? I take a digital photo of the slide projected onto a white wall in a darkened room, then I download them from the camera. It works but is very very time consuming!!!! The biggest plus is that it's cheap! My time? Priceless! No wonder I have no time or energy to blog!

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