Finding new d-bloggers

I love finding new d-bloggers! I keep looking for someone my age (older than most of you). Bernard posted a great list of new d-bloggers recently. It’s always interesting to read of others’ experiences. I use Google’s “Reader” to stay up to date. In the beginning of this d-saga, I bookmarked each blog that I wanted to read and checked frequently to see if there was an update. Boring and it took too much time. Then I discovered Bloglines and had even more time to find more blogs – big mistake. The only problem is… I have to make a conscious effort to comment. I love reading and I also enjoy commenting. Each time, I read, then say to myself, “Gee, I could comment here.” And then I don’t.
I found Julie in England, because of her comment on one of Kerri’s posts. Her son, Frank, will be pumping soon out there in jolly ole England.
I don’t know how I found Meri, but you need to read her post today. It’s awesome.
I can’t keep up with the twitter stuff with #dsma. I tried, I really did. Crystal even noticed I was there!
I will do better at commenting. I will do better at tweeting, maybe.
I do not do any blogging at work. I infrequently check blogs at work. I have too much to do at work. Oh well. Somehow, I’ll keep up, maybe…
Meanwhile, if you’re married (or not, what the heck!), you should look at this (if you haven’t already).

6 thoughts on “Finding new d-bloggers

  1. I love discovering new blogs. It is like finding a new member of the family. I'm glad you liked my post…I was surprised you mentioned giving it to his teacher…was it that obvious I wrote it for her? 🙂

  2. You're not kidding… It is hard work! Find myself losing time and sleep just trying to keep up with the ever-growing amount of DOCers and trying to comment as much as possible! That is a good problem to have, I suppose, and am glad that there's so many out there with the motivations to share their own D-Stories. Thanks for taking the time yourself!

  3. Colleen, I think you're a great DOC citizen, and very much appreciate your comments on my rarely updated blog. The video about sending a man to the grocery store is hilarious! Already sent it to several of my friends. Thanks for sharing!

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