The stats, just the stats

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my stats were WAY up – at first I thought, wow! I’m a cool d-blogger!! Then I looked more closely. I’m still cool and yes, I’m a d-blogger but – it has nothing to do with my stats. I use a free counter from Stat Counter. It’s neat, it’s free and I get to see if people are actually looking at and or reading my d-blog. In checking it out, I quickly noticed that 90% of the visits are coming from the blogger nav bar, IE. next blog. Even better, I’m ending up as the “next blog” after some pretty cool blogs. Clicking on next blog this evening I first got to Kelly’s Diabetesaliciousness. Another next blog click leads me to Me – yeah, again. Another click – Diabetes Self-Care. Click – guess who – me again. More clicks go back and forth between my blog and Better Cell, and a couple of others. I’m assuming it’s a Blogger issue but – so far no new visitors have left any comments (other than a few weird – “I like your blog please link to my blog.” They’re from all over the world. It’s very strange.
Like everyone else on the east coast, we’re watching Hurricane Earl. We were in Nags Head many years ago when a hurricane was forecast. Packed the car at midnight and drove out before dawn the next morning. Tourists who left later were stuck in traffic for hours that day. The hurricane – it went the other direction. Here in middle NH we should just get some rain and some wind. Hope Earl heads out to the ocean!
As I sit here, it’s dark and there’s a beetle trying to land on my desk lamp. It’s annoying and I’m annoyed.
So that’s it from me…

7 thoughts on “The stats, just the stats

  1. I am not a fan of beetles. They “bug” me. Ha! And StatCounter is cool. In a creepy, stalking-the-stalkers kind of way. So there it is. Anyhow, that's my comment.

  2. Stat Counter sounds interesting. But now I worry that you'll be able to tell what I'm doing while I read your blog…was I picking my nose last week? Nah, just kidding. What else do you learn? Everything good I hope.

  3. Just thought I should tell you, at first I thought the “stats” you were talking about were your blood number “stats”. Silly me! I may just have to get that free thingie myself.

  4. LOL, I got on your blog with the next blog button, and I have clicked the “next blog” button about 6 Xs and got you 3 Xs before I read your post. It gave me a good chuckle, Thanks! ; )

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