Darn It

Nope, not the socks, the diabetes.
Having opened a new vial of insulin today, I now have normal numbers. I have not had anything approaching normal for the past 3 days. It’s been quite annoying.
Last Friday I was a PPWD, perfect person with diabetes.
On Saturday I wasn’t, but I figured my pancreas was getting back at me for my having the nerve to think I knew what I was doing on Friday.
On Sunday I ate a bagel. I haven’t had a bagel in a long, long time. This bagel had actually been baked (bageled?) in New York City on Saturday morning, then brought to me on Sunday morning. In spite of bolusing more insulin than I normally use for a meal, THE number stayed higher than normal all day. Oh well.
On Monday I decided to try again. I mean, it was a holiday. I didn’t have to work. I deserved a treat! Right? I ate less than half, took a bit of extra insulin. And the highs still appeared. I gave up. The bagels are now in the freezer (along w/ the whoopie pies).
On Tuesday I woke up at 123. After my 2 cups of coffee and shower I tested again before eating my normal, meager breakfast (yogurt and 2 sausage patties). I was 175. Damn, that’s ridiculous. Did the b’fast bolus and correction bolus.
Before lunch, 143 – what is going on???  Bolused, corrected, ate lunch.
Three hours later – 238. This is asinine. Another correction and by dinner I’m at 116. All is good (no, not really).
This morning, a thunderstorm rolled through at 5am and… I was awake. Got up, tested at 157. Not terrible but went ahead and did a correction before I drank any coffee. Did a site change – no issues. Tested before b’fast and it’s 218. Corrected, bolused, ate. Two hours later – 244.
So, I closed my office and drove home (5 minute trip). Dumped the cartridge with 100 units (just loaded 2 hours before), opened a new vial of insulin and a cartridge, did a small correction (after – – – and I’m so proud of myself for thinking of this – – – priming out the old insulin that was in the tubing – woo-hoo!) and – by 10:30 (back at the office) it’s 210.
By lunch, 90 minutes later, it’s 122. Bolused, ate.
Two hours after lunch – 116.
Home now, 5 hours after lunch – 110.
I normally don’t refrigerate my insulin when I open a new vial. Maybe I’ll start putting it back in the fridge?
The insulin may have been a little over 4 weeks but not much, out of the fridge. I hate wasting insulin.
Today’s question – Do you keep your insulin in the fridge all of the time?
I don’t know where I read it but I thought cold insulin was supposed to sting. It didn’t this morning so maybe I’ll keep it in the fridge from now on.
This is a pain in the a**. But you know that.
Oh – endo appointment, next week. Figures…
Below, a gift from a friend many years ago. I may have to re-stuff it soon!

6 thoughts on “Darn It

  1. My humalog instructions say to refrigerate and discard after a month I believe? If not refrigerated it must be discarded after 2 weeks. I don't refrigerate and I use it for a month….but I have to use more and more as I get closer to the end lol

  2. LOVE the damnit doll!!!
    I refrigerate my insulin that I'm using. I never have problems with it.
    When I was on MDI I also kept my lantus refrigerated after opening and it stung all the time. hmm…

  3. Oooh, Dammit Doll is awesome!!! And Dammit, don't you hate when stupid insulin is off enough to give you weird blood sugars but not off enough for you to know it is the insulin. I'm so glad you decided to try a new bottle – I probably would have thought it was just ME.

    This summer I've been keeping my insulin in the fridge all the time. It's been so hot and we don't have central a/c. (I should say we DIDN'T – it just got installed yesterday – which is why it's a cloudy, cool 70 here today). It's a pain, but I take the bottle out about a half hour before my shower – which gives it a good amount of time to come to room temperature before a site change. I don't know if cold insulin stings, but I've heard it will cause bubbles in pump tubing.

  4. Tee Hee! I love the dammit doll too. I could use one. I've gotta say it again, I don't know how you cope. Do you have to stick yourself everytime you check your numbers? Or is there really a no needle stick tester like I hear advertised now and then?

  5. Colleen, I used to refrigerate my insulin but now I keep it out. Even this summer it seemed to work fine. A bottle last me about 3-4 weeks. Your numbers sound 'normal' to me, maybe I'm just getting lazy about things. I hope your fall is way better.

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