Tomorrow, tomorrow, etc…

Tomorrow (Friday) is Crystal’s birthday! She has been, and continues to be one of my favorite bloggers. She’s a little bit crazy (in a good way!) and has kept me calm through the trials and tribulations of living with the d. Hope you have a nice birthday, Crystal!

This week I did the dentist thing and the endo thing. Both on the same day, an hour away from each other. As you might have read here before, going to the dentist is my least favorite activity. I always let a new dentist know that I’d rather give birth than sit in the dentist’s chair. Oh well. I am much better than I used to be. Honest! As a child, my mom used to give me some sort of liquid (before a dental appointment) that was supposed to make me calmer. It didn’t work. In the third grade, my teacher (a nun, it was a Catholic school) told me to pray the rosary while I was there and all would be fine. That didn’t work either. Tuesday was just a cleaning and I survived.

Then it was out quickly and onto the interstate to zoop down to Concord for the endo appointment (actually the ARNP/CDE). Looked at the numbers, changed one basal, got the go ahead to go ahead and bolus for coffee in the morning. She smilingly suggested that maybe I should just not have coffee in the morning. Not going to happen. Got my batch of prescriptions. The A1C is the same, 7.3. Yeah, it would be nice if it was in the 6’s but, I’m not going to sweat it. Although, (some honesty here…) the treadmill needs to be dusted. Now that it’s cooler, I have no excuse. I think I need Rachel as my d-coach :).

I actually have a recipe for tomorrow. And it’s delicious! It is Meaty Zucchini Stew. I’ll post it tomorrow morning.

And – I have waiting room photos from the dentist’s office and the endo’s office.

The Dentist’s Waiting Room
The Endo’s Waiting Room

It’s actually the waiting room for four offices: the Dermatologist (I go there), the Diabetes Education & Nutrition office (I go there), the Endocrinologist (that’s where I was), and an Ob/Gyn (not me!).

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  1. Right now, Rachel needs Rachel to be her d-coach, LOL.

    That's great that you've got a lot of your health care providers in one spot. Mine are all over the place.

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