I hab a code

Sick – yeah, me. First time in years. First time since I was diagnosed with the d. This is not fun. In fact, it’s pretty miserable. It’s just a yucky cold but it’s making for high BG’s. All I’ve done is correct, correct, correct, in between the sneezing, the coughing and walking around with a kleenex box semi-attached to me. I went to work for 30 minutes this morning, could barely talk on the phone and said (to myself), “You know, this is not the most important job in the world. Go home.” So I did. There are apparently many people with this same awful cold. Can’t nap (cough, cough, sniff, blow), don’t want to eat and I may float away by tomorrow with the amount of water I’m drinking, drinking, drinking. I am getting my exercise by walking to the bathroom due to the drinking, drinking, drinking (of water…). The bathrooms are on the opposite side of the house from my porch/computer room/TV room. It’s not a lot of exercise. The house is not that big!

The high numbers showed up before the sneezing and the coughing. I was, of course, clueless. As I sunk deeper into misery (and kleenex) today, I thought it would be nice if I had one of our famous, wonderful d-moms to help me out.

I also need a better, louder timer. We have one that I brought to bed last night. I’d had enough insulin yesterday that I was worried it would all start working in the middle of the night. The timer woke me at midnight, I tested and was in the 170’s. Set it again but, didn’t wake up until morning. I was still 170 something.

Hoping to feel better soon…

Oh, be sure to check out the post by Jules today. It’s neat!

4 thoughts on “I hab a code

  1. My sympathies for the cold. Hubby and I got it too, I began Friday noonish and he waited until late that night to start his. Best part of that is I feel better and he's still kinda sickish. Almost a week now, so I sense it's going to end soon. Best to get that first seasonal cold out of the way I guess, so we can brace for the winter that'll soon follow. Can you believe it's nearly here again? (I liked that blog and the 83 year old's message. Good to read stuff like that!)

  2. Ugh, colds are such a drag. I'm so glad you decided to go home from work and get some rest. Sending good thoughts and hoping you are unstuffed and unhigh and all better soon!!

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