Sick stinks

This being sick really, really sucks – big time. And I’m really not terribly sick, but it’s annoying.

The cold turned into the cough that could shake the world – umm, we had an earthquake in NH last night – I felt it and stuff on the wall rattled. I was NOT coughing at the time so it’s not my fault. (hee, hee – fault, pretty funny, huh?) No, I’m not on drugs and that’s my own stupid sense of humor. Oh well.

I caved and had my husband pick up some cough syrup (some sort of Diabetic cough stuff) on Friday. Stuff worked great! By last night, it worked too great. I wasn’t coughing but I wasn’t sleeping either. At 3:30am I was watching a rerun of House. Finally fell asleep and woke at 8am. I’ve been awake all day and have my fingers crossed that I’ll sleep tonight.

Blood Sugars – ha! what a joke!! I’m certainly glad I did the A1C two weeks ago cuz I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had to do it this week. The 200/300’s have not been fun and I feel like all I’ve done is push buttons and pushed more insulin. (And that made me hum (not sing) the Steppenwolf song.) Oh yeah, and my fingers are sore.

I’m looking forward to feeling better. I’m not looking forward to being back in my office and tackling the stack of stuff that’s waiting for me.

The video below ran on a Boston channel this week.

I need to go back to work. Watching TV is killing my brain.

1 thought on “Sick stinks

  1. I LOVE your sense of humor! I giggled at fault.
    And really? A quake? How big? I thought it was just my crazy neighbors making things shake…..ha.

    I've never used the Diabetic cough syrup. Any cough syrup keeps me awake because I'm not exhausted from coughing! Vicious cycle.

    Feel better soon!!!!!! xoxoxo

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