Feeling Groovy

I’m better! Really!!

And humming… The 59th Street Bridge Song

I hum a lot, to myself. And this song/tune always makes me smile.

We’re getting ready to visit friends, visit the beach, go to a family party (a 50th Wedding Anniversary) and I’m already strategizing what to take for the d. Many, many years ago we’d travel up here to NH, from Richmond, with two kids. NOT an easy trip. Packing the bottles, diapers, formula, toys, playpen, etc… was close to being a military exercise. I was not a PWD then. Packing for the d is tougher, I think. With the babies, we could always hit a local store and buy whatever we forgot. We’ve done some short trips since I started pumping – 9 months ago. Running to the local drug store to pick up an inset or some insulin won’t be as easy. We’re driving so that makes it all a little easier. (Driving with no kids in the back seat is one of the great joys of kids growing up! Haven’t heard, “Are we there yet?” or “I have to go to the bathroom!!” in many years.)

Well, that’s not exactly true… A recent trip involved a temporary med which had me saying, “Guess what, we need to find a rest area, now!”

I’ll pack double/triple of everything. I have an insulin prescription to take with me. I have syringes to take with me (just in case). I’ve never used a syringe, just pens. And I’m still thinking about calling Animas to get a loaner pump. It’s not like we’ll be in the boonies. We just aren’t going to be in one place very long. And so, if a replacement pump had to be shipped, it could be difficult.

In any case, I’m looking forward to a fun trip. Great times with good friends and relatives. And surprising a bunch of people as I show up as a PWD. It’s not something I’ve included in the annual Christmas letter. Merry Christmas and oh yeah, I have diabetes.

I’m ready for the comments… (“You don’t look like you have diabetes.” And my very favorite, when they see the pump. “Oh, you have the bad kind.”)

Meanwhile, the cold/cough from hell is gone. I feel better and, yeah…

Life is groovy.

1 thought on “Feeling Groovy

  1. Although I don't suffer from diabetes, I know what you mean about others saying you don't look as if you have any health problem.
    As my wife suffers from Epilepsy and there have been times when people have commented in this way

    One wonders exactly what you are supposed to look like, a little flashing sign on the forehead perhaps!
    I hope you are in good health at the moment, keep writing on your blog

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