Saving some money

In planning the massive amounts of d STUFF, I have to take with me on a trip, I decided to bring an extra mulitclix lancer, just in case. I had three. I left one in a restaurant in Leesburg, VA a couple of months ago. Can I find the second one? Nope. Easy, buy another one, right? Nope. To order one from the Accu-chek site it costs $29.99. But, they are offering free shipping. I don’t have time. So I searched Rite-Aid’s online info as we have one (only drugstore) in town. Nope. But, I could purchase the meter kit which includes the multiclix for $19.99. There’s a plan.

Meanwhile, our car was ready for pickup after some repairs so we drove to another town to pick it up. On the way home I stopped at a CVS and bought the meter (on sale!), with the multiclix for – $9.99. And… there’s a form to fill out for an up to $15 rebate, so I will send the form.

I don’t use the Accu-Check Aviva anymore. I have the One Touch that works with my Ping. I don’t even have any strips for the Aviva as I gave them away.
While we’re away, we’ll be picking up a case of RC Cola and one of Mr. Pibb for the car repair guy. While on our last trip, he requested one or the other. You can’t buy either up here. So we brought him a twelve pack of each. Today when we picked up the car and paid the many hundreds for the repairs, there was about $60 knocked off. He wasn’t there but the person who was there told us it was the RC Cola discount. Pretty nice, huh?

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  1. I like that deal! I have heard so many good things about the muliclix! I might have to jump aboard that train one of these days!

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