far away… and warm!

We are in Nags Head, NC and it’s sunny and warm. Ahhh….

The ladies of the group made a two day trip to Williamsburg, VA and we had a wonderful time shopping and eating. Neither of the gals I traveled with have been with me since starting my pump. They’re great friends! No problems with avoiding Italian pastas and pizzas even though that’s a favorite restaurant of theirs. They had some questions about pumping. Biggest question??? What do we do if…??? I’ve got the glucagon with me but told them just to dial 911 if I got weird. They were okay with that and we proceeded to just have fun. Nobody had to call 911.

I’ve done… ok… with guessing… sort of… Basically I’m just doing more checks and more corrections when needed. We don’t “eat out” often at home but that’s all we’ve done for the last week or so.

I’m so behind on reading d-blogs that it’s going to take me a month to catch up. Oh well, I will, eventually.

A photo of a leaf caught in a spider web in Williamsburg.

And… me at Nags Head.

2 thoughts on “far away… and warm!

  1. Looks a bit chilly there. I've begun wearing my long sleeves and sweater vests again, but the cold sneaked up on me this year. You look good.

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