While being re-routed by the GPS (not a very smart GPS when it comes to the Washington Beltway), we ended up driving down a road, somewhere, when I spotted this.

I was never a CWD (child w/ diabetes) so I never went to camp but I love reading about everyone’s memories of D-Camps, Clara Barton and all the rest of the wonderful camps that work with children.
Note that the arrival time says 5:15. Didn’t happen. Got to our destination around 7pm. Living up here in the boonies, I forget about traffic (unless it’s August and all the tourists are here).
My goal this month, since I’m not going to do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is to start my own acronym NaBloCoMo. I won’t make you guess. It’s National Blog Commenting Month. I’m going to attempt to comment at a NEW (for me) blog each day. I truly remember the first comment I received, and like any new or been around for awhile blogger, it’s nice when people take the time to say hello.
Tonight’s new blog to me was Jen’s I Am Your Pancreas. I found it when checking Meri’s great blog about her life with 3 (yup, 3!) d-kids and one big brother. All four guys (five, if count her husband) make up a terrific family!
If you haven’t yet – be sure to view the absolutely, fantastic video posted and help some children receive the insulin they need!

3 thoughts on “NaBloCoMo

  1. Oooohh, I think NoBloCoMo is a terrific idea!!! I remember those early days when it felt like nobody was reading – comments were like gold. (Although they still are – no matter how long we've been blogging.)

    I had a Clara Barton sighting this weekend too – while at a knitting convention, of all places!! There is a yarn company that names one line of yarn after famous women, and yes, I came across the Clara Barton colorway. So cool!!

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