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I had a great blog title in my mind as I drove home from work this afternoon. It was going to be, “These Funerals are Killing Me.”
I work at a church and one of the very nice, awesome things that our parishioners do is provide a bereavement meal for the family and friends after a funeral. It really is a wonderful thing to do and as a family who received this gift last year when dad died, I can say that it is simply nice.
Problem is, I usually know the person who has died, or their family. And so, I go to the funeral and then I join the family and friends in our parish hall for the luncheon. Our luncheon committee doesn’t skimp. The food is always delicious and it’s nice to sit with the people there and laugh (and cry) about our memories of the deceased.
There are NO carb counts. Almost all of the food has been cooked by volunteers in the parish. The dishes are always someone’s best or favorite recipe.
I almost always screw up the carb guessing.
As I drove home this afternoon, certain that I’d be high, high, high –  I thought about writing about the funeral food and how a great title would be – these funerals are killing me.
Today I didn’t!! Yahoo!!
Tested when I got home and the magic number was 117.

While driving through Richmond, VA on our trip, I spotted one of these:
I almost drove through a red light trying to take a picture. Then I decided that posting someone’s license plate wasn’t cool so found this at the VA DMV site. And found this – As a revenue sharing plate $15.00 of the $ 25.00 fee is transferred to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fund after sale of the first 1000 plates. There is more info about diabetes on the DMV website – who would’ve thunk?
Rainy and cold this evening. At least it’s not snowing… yet…

4 thoughts on “Blog Titles

  1. Colleen, I feel the same way at church potluck dinners. Sometimes I'm saved because I end up chatting to someone till all the good food is gone. Nice number plates, which I could get one in Massachusetts!

  2. GET OUT!!! That is the most awesome thing ever! I would get one if they had one of these in California.

    I'm glad the funeral food isn't killing you today. Great job on the swag!

  3. Cool! Love the license plate.

    I'm with you on the carb counting. After Mattias was born we had a few friends bring us dinners. Those who “get it” called me up and asked what they could bring and what would be easiest for Elise. Others brought casseroles… a carb counters WORST nightmare! I didn't even try to give Elise any of those meals.

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