My Ping Support Group met this evening. It’s always fun. I always learn something. There were 18 of us tonight. Three were non d’s, two parents (with their teenage son) and my husband. The group meets about an hour from me. It’s dark early now and so, M offered to go with me as I really am not fond of driving that far, at night, by myself. Even better, our speaker was the CDE who did my pump training. I haven’t seen her in several months and so it was great to chat with her again. Tonight’s topic was strategies for coping with holiday eating/partying. Got some great ideas!

Very few in the group are aware of d-blogs, Diabetes Daily and Tu Diabetes.

Only one knew about the Big Blue Test video. (Watch it again!!) (Oh, and go read Bernard’s post!)

This morning we went to the Veterans Day Ceremony here in our small town. It was nice, although not many people attended. I’m glad we were there.


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  1. Sounds like a great day! Awesome that you have a group to attend 🙂 Gotta tell these people about the DOC!!! I, for one, would be lost without it.

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