Friends are nice to have!

How come I eat a piece of blueberry coffee cake and undercount the carbs?
How come a correction bolus doesn’t work as fast as a glass of juice?
How come I overcorrect the resulting low 3 hours later with cheez-its?

The nicest thing happened to me today. No, not the high (but it was really, really good homemade blueberry coffee cake), and not the low (did a correction at noon and skipped lunch). As I was finishing decorating the office tree with a friend, I knew I was low (I tested, I was). Working at a church has many advantages and today one of those was that the children were in the building for class. And that meant there were snacks. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of cheez-its. Then, just for good measure, I ate some more. While in the kitchen, one of the young moms was there. She knows I have diabetes, her dad has T1 and is also on a pump. Went back to my office to sit and wait for the cheez-its to do their thing before I drove home. Next thing I knew, the young mom was in my office, just checking to see if I was okay and did I need anything. She wasn’t being nosy, she saw that I was okay and told me to have a nice evening, and then left. She gets it. I guess after years of living with her dad, she knew what was going on. Her simple concern made me happy.

Meanwhile – – – This was my first Thanksgiving using my Ping. Way Cool!
I ate too much. Numbers went up but, at the end, all was good. I did great until I ate the pumpkin pie. But I haven’t had a piece of pumpkin pie in years and so, it was delicious!

We got the tree up. We got the tree decorated. In two days!!

One of our ornaments… they’re old, they’re tacky but our tree is full of wonderful memories. No pickles, though…

3 thoughts on “Friends are nice to have!

  1. Oh, but you NEED a pickle!
    And we do too. 😦 Little L broke it yesterday trying to hide it for his brother. Already ordered one from my mother in law who will be going to Germany in the spring.

    I LOVE old tacky ornaments. Our tree is full of them. Each memorie, as you said, is precious. I heard a rumor that the Cookie Monster doesn't eat cookies anymore…he eats vegitables. So wrong. Maybe your ornament will be worth a small fortune one day!

  2. How great to have a friend who really gets it and just checks on you – no pressure, no guilt, no “what did you do wrong”. So cool!!

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