Time for… Thursday’s Ornament

It’s simply amazing how much TIME diabetes takes!

  • Ordering supplies via phone or web takes time. And when I order via the internet (and I really, really hate to admit this…), it takes me even more time cuz I have to remember the darn password.
  • Just remembering to order supplies takes time. I always have to look up my last ordering date so that I can order exactly 3 months later.
  • Calling Animas or whomever because the ordered supplies haven’t shown up in over 2 weeks is another time stealer. (Turns out it’s the insurance company that is causing the hold up. They have to approve the order every time. Do they think I’m cured??!!)
  • Putting the supplies away occupies time. The boxes are bulky. I have a large Rubbermaid box in the linen closet where I store all the boxes. But, I need to take the whole box out so I can put the new supplies in the back and the old supplies near the front. Oh, and first I hit each box with a marker and put the month on them, just in case I get them mixed up.
  • I do the insulin prescription once a month at a local drug store. Rite Aid has a web ordering process and so far it’s worked very well. Rite Aid is the ONLY drug store in our town. I put the order in and usually pick it up the next day. Well, unless I forget or… run out of time. Even more fun is when everyone else in town is picking up prescriptions and there’s a long (usually sniffly/sneezy/coughy) line.
  • Changing the inset every three days makes me reorganize my morning. I’m much better at it now (used to take me 30 minutes when I first started). But a bleeder can set me back many minutes.
  • And don’t let me forget the appointments… but that’s a whole ‘nother issue!

But – big but.
I haven’t been doing this as long as most of you.

I’m not taking care of a child with diabetes.
I have no children living at home to take care of while I care for myself.

And so, if I even think about whining, I stop. And I take the time to pray and wish that none of us had to deal with this, every single day.

And now, an ornament from our tree.

When M and I got engaged, we were living in Richmond, VA. My family lived in the Panama Canal Zone. I went there for Christmas and bought several ornaments in Panama City. This is one of a couple that have survived for the past 36 years.

2 thoughts on “Time for… Thursday’s Ornament

  1. What a great idea… I love seeing your ornaments and reading the story behind them! Since 2000 (the year we got married), my husband and I have given each other an ornament every Christmas. We unwrap it and hang it on the tree on Christmas Eve. Now that we have kids, they too get an ornament every year. It's fun to look back and see the ornaments from each year.

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