I miss football food.
Sunday football and food used to be a big part of our weekends. As the boys grew up and became fans, we made TV football a great family activity. We didn’t do the traditional Sunday dinner in the fall. We always had an afternoon of snacks and football. It was fun, a little nutrition – always veggies and dip, along with the nachos and chips and sliced sausages and crackers and cheese and big sandwiches and… you get the idea.
When the boys left home, we still watched football but didn’t have quite as much food. We didn’t need it but we still had something to nibble on as we enjoyed the games.
Now – we don’t do the food part of football. And there are days that I miss that. I miss nibbling!
Diabetes involves math, never a favorite subject of mine. (I flunked my first semester of college math.)
The Ping helps but it’s annoying to have to a)look at the food first, b)make a guess at how much I might eat, c)check the carb info on the packages, d)test, e)push buttons, f)eat the correct amount, no more and no less, g)test again later to see how badly I guessed. So now I just sip on my diet pepsi, or a cup of tea. It’s not the same…
This afternoon, the KC Chiefs and the Denver Broncos will play. We lived in the KC area for 10 years and will be rooting for the Chiefs.
One of our ornaments…

4 thoughts on “Nibbling

  1. I'm catching up on my blogroll…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornament idea!!! FANTASTIC 🙂 That little wooden snowman stole my heart.

    FWIW, I failed my first round with college math too. Before the end of the season, you'll have to make a BIG spread and just go for it.

    And then I'll be right over 😉

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