A year, already??!!

Yesterday I should have celebrated my one year pumpaversary. But I forgot.
This evening Sara wrote about dry air and red skin. She also had the nerve to talk about how it’s winter in Florida, gee, the temps are in the 60’s. Yeah, right, such a winter…
Anyway, when I’ve removed the last couple of insets, the skin has been rather red and I’ve been perplexed. Not anymore, Sara has answered my unasked question. So now I can stop thinking that I’ve developed some dreadful disease (well, other than diabetes…) and keep sticking those suckers on!
One year, wow, who would have thunk?!
Me and my Ping, together for a whole year.
Our first changes would have made for great comedic entertainment for all pumpers to watch. We (and I say we as I gave my husband no choice, he had to help) were petrified. We’d put a clean towel on the table, get the inset, reservoir, alcohol swab, IV prep swab, insulin and the sheet with the directions. I swear it took us 30 minutes and I was usually sweating like a pig (do pigs sweat?) by the time we were done.
Now, I brush the crumbs off the table, toss everything down, am rewinding while filling the reservoir. And, most importantly, can hit the prime continue button just once rather than my earlier screwups where I’d be nervous and let go, and have to hit it again.
Crystal kept telling me it would get easier and I totally trusted her. She sent notes of encouragement and I believed her. And she was right!
I’ve had my share of errors – just one doorknob, though!
A couple of bleeders – thank goodness I’d read about them before it happened.
Some not so great insulin – why am I so high?
Favorite goof ball insertion?? It helps to remove the blue plastic cover on the needle…
Another – it helps to remove the tape on the sticky stuff, doesn’t stick.

I couldn’t have done this without all of the PWDs who write about being a PWD.

Thanks, everyone!

Barbara, my CDE and pump trainer, with me on 12-7-09.
She said I was the first patient to take a photo!

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  1. Another milestone. My first self-injection (for RA) took me about 15 minutes. All I had to do was push the plunger down. And yes, I think pigs do sweat–plus a lot of other disgusting things. I still like little piggies though. As fun to watch as kittens.

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