A pine cone, an acorn & a loon

The pre-school decorated pine cone… Doesn’t every family with small children (or, who used to have small children) have at least one of these?

I purchased the acorn ornament after we moved here to New Hampshire. Our first fall was when we learned just how much noise the acorns make while falling on our house and deck. It was loud, we could even hear them rolling down the roof. Then they’d hit the deck and bounce into the windows before bouncing off the deck and down to the ground.

They sit on the ground until spring when I rake them down the hill and into the woods. Last winter some some sort of animal dug into the snow (lots of snow) and we’re guessing, found the buried acorns.

And lastly, for this evening, a loon.

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3 Responses to A pine cone, an acorn & a loon

  1. Scully says:

    I love the Loon! they always have special places in my heart being Canadian. cute!

  2. wintersong says:

    We have lots of acorns to rake up in the spring too. The kids like to make little people heads with them using felt tip pens. (After seeing your ornament slideshow I photographed all our “special” ornaments. Great idea.

  3. I do believe that I must mention, even though late, that the loon is the Minnesota state bird.

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