An ornament for Friday

The real Santa used to live in Richmond, VA. He could be visited at Miller & Rhoads during the Christmas season. He was wonderful. Everyone made the time to take their children downtown to visit the real Santa.
Our eldest found the ornament for me a couple of years ago. Like other ornaments, it always makes me smile and remember.

Saw my PCP this week. All tests were good. A1C stayed about the same. It’s up a little but considering our travels in October, and Thanksgiving, not so bad. And no, the M&M’s were eaten after the lab work!
If you haven’t seen Joanne’s video (Death of a Pancreas), go look!

3 thoughts on “An ornament for Friday

  1. Just popping back in to say I watched the video and it was great! As “borderline” type I, Hubby has had similar comments directed at him. So I understand some of the problems, and this was a video that needed to be made like Joanne said.

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