Is it time to get up yet?

As a child, I was annoying, sometimes (it might depend on who you ask…). The anticipation of Christmas was almost more than I could deal with. I was always the first one up on Christmas morning, and drove my parents nuts.
The year we were married, I called my parents (who were living up here in New Hampshire) from Richmond, kinda early on Christmas morning. Dad answered the phone, sleepily, (it wasn’t that early but…) and I said, “Is it time to get up yet?” He started laughing, woke up mom, who wasn’t laughing. It still makes me smile to remember that call (and that was back when we paid for a long distance call).
I still wake up early on Christmas morning.
I love Christmas and I love listening to Christmas music.
Two of my favorites are below. Hope you enjoy!

No exciting d-news today. Life goes on, I poke my fingers (yeah, the ones with all the little black spots) I squint at the meter (how come Canada has the great new color, easier to read Ping meter and we don’t?), I count carbs, I calculate (well, the meter does the math) and I push buttons. I pushed a few more buttons today. A friend brought this to the office.

Peppermint Bark Candy

It was really, really good…, really.
According to this recipe, 22g has 15 carbs. Even with the insulin, it was, yeah, really good.
And yes, there was a correction to do when I got home.
Oh well, it really was yummy!

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  1. I love that you called your parents… that's hilarious!

    And thanks for the shout out about the video… glad you enjoyed it!

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