The Star on the Tree

Very shortly after we were married, we bought a star for our Christmas tree. It wasn’t expensive or fancy, just a star for the tree. While living in Kansas, the star broke. We were still able to use it by using the wiry little bread ties but, it wasn’t easy. One day, I was wandering through a Christmas store and lo and behold, there was our star, in a box, on sale. Bought it, and so, we still have a star for our tree.
At our wedding rehearsal dinner I told the soon to be in-laws that anyone was welcome to join us for Christmas, but that we would not be traveling at Christmas, ever. When we started our own family, I wanted our children to form their own Christmas traditions with us. We did, we have some pretty corny traditions but, they’re ours and we like them.
Family traditions are fun and the glue that holds us together. I like being stuck to my family.
Oh, right, this is a diabetes blog…
Christmas goodies and food and more goodies. I’ve done a great job with “former” d-police. We have more goodies stacked on our counter than we’ll ever eat or that I SHOULD ever eat. I’m not even sure what’s in most of this stuff and so, carb guessing has been fun, sort of…  By bedtime last night I was at 84. Yup, a little low for going to bed. So drank a small glass of juice, took the meter and a box of Juicy Juice to the bedroom and went to bed. Slept through the night and woke up at 137. I’ll take most of the goodies to the office this week and let other people eat them up.
And then, there is my poor younger brother who enjoyed some of the goodies yesterday and then made the mistake of saying, “Whoa, if I eat more of these, I’ll definitely get diabetes.” You’d have been so proud of me as I quietly but firmly (it was Christmas, after all) jumped all over him. He’ll never say that again.
And now, well, we’re watching it snow. I think we’ll be watching it snow for awhile…
Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

3 thoughts on “The Star on the Tree

  1. I think your star is gorgeous. And it sounds like you did an awesome job educating your brother. Actually, my brother gave my husband caramels for Christmas and I was teasing Pete that they were “our” caramels instead of “his”. And do you know what my Dad said? “Well, you can't have those anyway.” HELLO???? Apparently Dad is still stuck in the early 80s when I was newly diagnosed . . . . and also has forgotten that I eat dessert at their house every single week after Sunday dinner. *sigh*

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