One thing at a time……….

Firstly, Happy New Year to my friends who read this!

I am up early, no reason, but enjoying the quiet and the views and catching up with some of my blog reading. Several of the D-OC friends are writing about getting back to better (long list): carb counting, exercising, eating, testing, routines, etc… It makes me feel much better about my own lack of accomplishments these past few (holiday) weeks. There’s dust everywhere, including the treadmill. The BG numbers have been higher along with correction boluses. Rather than sitting here thinking about EVERYTHING that must be done (which is overwhelming), I’ve been thinking about what I used to do both as a teacher and as a mom. And that was, breaking down a big job into several small jobs. When I taught (SpEd, a self contained class of 10-12 year olds), some of the kids would be overwhelmed by a whole sheet of math problems, so I cut it into strips and they did just one row at a time. They loved liked finishing! a row and bouncing up to my desk to pick up the next row of problems. Same idea with my own kids when they were young. “Clean up your room!” didn’t work. But picking up and putting away one thing at a time did. “Let’s get all of the matchbox cars put in the box.” Then we did books, then the Legos, etc… One at a time and the room would be not pristine but at least walkable. (Legos hurt when stepped on in the middle of the night dark.)

So – the point – yeah, I’m getting to it. Instead of grousing about my numbers/dusty house/to do list and spending a lot of time thinking about what needs to be done, I’m going to work on one thing at a time.

I’m not going to post a list – that would ruin my day! Today though, I will write some thank you notes – yup the real kind, on paper with a pen and sent with a stamp (hmmm, where are the stamps?).

I will make a list because once it’s written down, I’m hoping it (the chores) will leave my brain so I can enjoy this last day, maybe curled up in the chair with a book on this last day of 2010.

If so inclined – leave a comment with a “one thing today” that you will do!

Tomorrow – back on the treadmill. (Not really, it’ll be Sunday as our eldest is visiting and the treadmill is in the guest room.)

5 thoughts on “One thing at a time……….

  1. As soon as I catch up my blog reading I'm getting the Christmas storage boxes out and we'll begin dismantling the decorations. Tonight a much anticipated take out (Chinese or Thai with lots of spring rolls) and we'll probably fall asleep in our easy chairs and wake up in time to go to bed with the big ball falling over Times Square. Happy new year!

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