One day and better numbers

Short post – walked on the machine this morning.
Before lunch BG was darn near perfect – 92.
After work BG an hour ago – 96.
WHY don’t I do this more often?
Yes, I had to wipe some of the dust off of the treadmill.
I’m catching up on Chris’s podcasts with d-people while walking – I have many to listen to. This morning I listened to Crystal. Well, part of it, I don’t walk for an hour.
And… I watched the sun rise. It was lovely. No photo – I kept walking.

We had an earthquake last night in New Hampshire! Very small, not a big deal but still, very interesting.

4 thoughts on “One day and better numbers

  1. Glad we didn't feel the earthquake in VT! And…great job on the walking bit! Your numbers sound fantastic. Way to go.

  2. Yay for you!!!! I always wonder the same thing when I see my numbers after exercise – why the heck don't I do it more often. (Oh wait, I know why . . . I'm lazy.) 😉

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