15 Minutes!

Alright – the new year started. I dusted off the treadmill. I am back on the treadmill as of Monday.
The NUMBERS are unreal – they’re awesome.
I am only treading for 15 minutes each morning – 4 mornings, so far.
I don’t tread that fast (I’m older than most of you who read this).
Damn – why don’t/didn’t I do this every single day?
I can’t believe the difference.

Next accomplishment – I’m Tweeting. Not much. But with Crystal’s help I sort of know what I’m doing. Kind of, probably not, so if you tweet and see something strange from me, please ignore it.

And —- I Skyped! Again, with Crystal’s help.

Eldest son gave us an iTouch – and the Skype thing is due to playing with the new toy.

I don’t have an iPhone – I don’t text – so I’m not as techie as most but, it’s fun to learn some new stuff.

And finally – stupid game – Angry Birds. I know, it’s been around for awhile but I just got it. And it’s addictive.

5 thoughts on “15 Minutes!

  1. Seriously good job on the treadmill! And…the Angry Birds thing…My hubby put it on my phone as he and the kids love it. I have yet to play it because I noticed it has addictive properties – LOL!

    I am horrible at tweeting. I need lessons too!

  2. I started the treadmill too! We can be treadmill buddies!

    Awesome job on the technology! I have an iphone and my boys downloaded Angry Birds awhile ago…but I've never played…not sure I need a new addiction, but you know I'm going to check it out now!

  3. You go girl! work it out! I am glad you are learning new aged technology:) btw, you might have to write a post about angry bird because like Lo-I have no clue of what it is.

    Be Blessed

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