Snow alllll day

It’s been snowing since I got up this morning and it’s still snowing. We’ve cleared off the deck twice with the new, electric snowblower.
I don’t think pushing an electric snowblower gives me the same workout as pushing a shovel and allll that snow. There really is a lot of it and we’re not even getting the biggest totals – south of us is worse (or better, depending on your point of view…). Our plow guy hasn’t shown up yet so we’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. Last measurement with the yard stick showed 13 or so inches.
Times like this I really miss hot chocolate. I guess I could buy some sugar-free stuff but, I’m not usually a fan of sugar-free anything except maybe Jello pudding. If you’ve tried one and think it’s yummy I’d love to have suggestions. Then I’ll be ready for the next snow storm! And there will be more snow I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “Snow alllll day

  1. I think you look cute in your hat! We got a good 8 or so here and I shoveled for a good 2 hours…the driveway and the rink -UGH!

  2. Ahhh…..this brings back so many nostalgic memories for me. We've been in the desert for 5 years. While I don't miss the shoveling, defrosting, road hazard conditions….I do miss the beautiful sight of bare trees and twinkling snow.

    Love the hat.


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