Pinging with Sweaters

Winter sweaters cover a lot of things, including my Ping, during the winter. I’m old enough (yeah, really) that wearing a pump, visible or invisible, doesn’t bother me a whole lot. I’ve only had the Ping a little over a year so it’s not like I’m an expert by any means. Writing this, this evening, I tried to remember if I’ve worn a dress in the past year. Then I tried to think if I even own a dress anymore. I don’t think I do. I don’t want to go look in the closet as I might get sidetracked into looking at old clothes and guilted (by me) into packing them up to be donated somewhere. Hmmm, yup, there’s two – both pretty formal and we don’t do formal any longer, plus, they’re pretty old. I should get rid of them. We need the closet space for other stuff!
Anyway, wearing the Ping isn’t so bad. I keep hoping another d-person will see it and we can talk. Hasn’t happened. Jacquie over at Typical Type 1 wrote a funny post today about “Instant Friends” (spotting pumps). Be sure you read her comment about finding one today at work.
My first pump sighting was at a d-gathering where I met Allison & Bernard. My second pump sighting was at a local restaurant where our young waiter was delighted to “show me his pump.” I didn’t have a pump back then.
Cara traveled all the way to NYC to visit broadway and – catch up with a couple of the NYC d-people. Her posted facebook photos are great!
I do have a Ping Support Group led by an Animas trainer. It’s a great group and it’s been extremely helpful and educational. But, it’s a little over an hour’s drive away and I don’t do that during the winter here in NH. So I missed last week’s meeting. Made sense, we got a foot of snow the day before…
Bottom line, I’m envious when others get to meet, chat and talk about all things D.
The D-OC is important – especially for those of us who live in the boonies. Thank you to everyone who writes about their d-moments, the good and the not so good.
Tonight’s weather… Yucko!
Freezing rain…sleet and snow this evening…then a chance of freezing rain and sleet after midnight.

5 thoughts on “Pinging with Sweaters

  1. I hear you. I so wish we had a better “real life” support system here in VT. In the mean time I will keep on writing and “hanging” with all of you awesome PWDs and D'Rents. I have learned so much and feel so supported in our daily life.

    We got the freezing rains stuff too yesterday…now it is gonna get COLD!!!!

  2. oh no kidding there.
    I'm dying to make a connection with another type 1. It has yet to happen to me. I'm always so jealous of all those out there. I need a real D-friend!!!
    I don't own a single dress. But I am a shy girl trapped inside a tomboy.

  3. I could not do it! I am a spoiled california girl and could not live in the cold unrelenting weather! Or the heat. 🙂 I'm a weather snob! My waitress at the olive garden last week was type 1. We had a very interesting conversation. I may need to blog it out one day. :0)

  4. It really is so cool to hang out with a bunch of other pumpers. As soon as this snowy weather goes away (although it feels like it never will) we WILL make a plan to meet for lunch!! We can totally do this!

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