What, Me Worry?

I would worry more, but everytime something weird goes on with my diabetes, most of you have been there, done that, and thank God, you’ve written about it.
Yay!! D-OC!!
Friday morning I changed the inset and did the insulin.
Friday at lunch, I was higher than I thought I should be but… bolused for lunch along w/ a correction.
Friday afternoon, tested for the heck of it and all was fine.
Saturday morning – almost 200 at wake up??
Corrected. Bolused. Ate b’fast and at lunch, 200 again.
Rest of the day it stayed high so by mid afternoon, changed the inset. The old one looked fine, no bends, no blood. But, must not have been working.
Did another correction.
Within 2 hours back to normal range – and woke up fine this morning.
I stayed fairly calm the whole time. Knew I’d eaten nothing that would cause it. Was pretty sure that I’m not coming down with a bug. Thanked my lucky stars that I had other d-people to read about and so, I did not panic. The husband was a tad worried but, he got over it.

So what did I do this morning? Went out to breakfast and had a huge blueberry pancake. And I have the number to prove it. It was delicious. I enjoyed it. And I totally undercounted it. Sigh…….
But I don’t think I’ll be doing that again for awhile.
But – it really was good and I haven’t had a pancake in over a year.
And… it’ll probably be another year before I eat another one…

6 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?

  1. Don't beat yourself up! We all give in to foods that result in high glucose numbers from time-to-time; it's milkshakes for me. The important thing to remember is that you enjoyed the pancake, you know how it affects your glucose, and you know not to eat a pancake every day. Lesson learned.

  2. yum! We don't have pancakes very often. One of my boys had his first sleepover this weekend and the boys parents made chocolate chip pancakes. My son was in awe. 🙂

  3. Ahhhh YUMMO! Joe doesn't eat too many pancakes. Not b/c I won't let him…but he prefers Honey Nut Cheerios or Toast with butter, PB, and honey! That pancake looks awesome and I hope you have another one within the year!

  4. That may be one of the hardest things about diabetes – the guessing games we play when things are out of whack. I'm glad changing out the site worked and got things back in line. I'm also glad you indulged in that yummy pancake!! All things in moderation – although maybe more than once a year. 😉

  5. Highs are so frustrating to deal with – yet they seem worth it after a big treat. (: Those pancakes do look good. I haven't had pancakes since September I think.

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