location, location, location

“The three most important things about real estate is
location, location, location.”

Having spent most a couple of years of my professional  diabetes career as a real estate broker PWD, I have heard the oft repeated phrase ‘location, location, location’ regarding real estate where to shoot/where to stick thousands of times over. This age old axiom holds that the location of any given property is its most important quality… period.

I thought about all this location stuff on my way to and from Wal-Mart this morning. (I know, some of you won’t go there. I don’t have a choice unless I want to hit the interstate and drive farther and longer.)

Anyway, as I wrote last Sunday, I did an early inset change (but kept the same cartridge) on Saturday thinking that might be the cause of some unexplained highs. It was working but then I had the pancake breakfast on Sunday and everything went up again. But I blamed the yummy pancake, which deserved most of the blame (certainly wasn’t my fault…).

By Monday morning the pump was out of insulin (down to 7 units – wow, I used a lot on Sunday). So another inset, and cartridge change. Next couple of days weren’t that great. It was a new bottle of insulin. It’s been in the fridge. Etc…, Etc…, Etc… Thursday – next change and by lunchtime I was the d-expert. Numbers were great. Hmmm…

This really is a pain. Oh yeah, Thursday’s inset change… stupid thing didn’t stick, cannula fell out and so, yup, stuck in another one.

So – I’ll keep trying to find the perfect spot so I can be the perfect PWD. Yeah, right!

Who knows? Obviously, not me!

Some – just some – of the snow has melted. We didn’t get the BIG one that hit New England Wednesday. Roof guys were here today to clear off the roof. The deer have found something to eat under the snow at the tree outside my window. And no white stuff in the next couple of days’ weather forecasts!

5 thoughts on “location, location, location

  1. Good luck in finding a great location…and there is no such thing as a perfect PWD!!! I think you are a mighty fine one though and I applaud your efforts in taking such great care of yourself.

  2. Haha, I love how you mixed pump sites with your real estate background – great post!! I agree, it's all about location. I use my ample back yard a lot (aka, sites go in my butt cheeks *blush*) So glad you didn't get walloped with all the snow we got on Wednesday. I think it's been about 30 years since we've had this much snow around – and I'm really despising it more each day!

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