"Where’s the Pump?"

February has always, always seemed like the longest month to me. It’s only the 7th? Oh well, 21 more days until March. Not that spring will arrive here in March but, I can always dream.
The treadmill needs some dusting (actually the whole house could use it). The moving of snow has taken precedence over the walking on the machine. Moving snow has proven to be great for blood sugar numbers but that doesn’t mean I want more. I’ll happily go back to the machine, thank you very much.
The other day I vacuumed. It’s just like the days long ago when we had children and a sand box. The vacuum always made the greatest sucking up sounds wherever the kids had removed their shoes or clothing. You could hear all that dirt going up the hose. Well, living here in snow land, we drag in lots of grit and sand and the vacuum’s been having a great time sucking it all up. It’s a never ending battle and I’m losing. There’s only two of us! How can there be so much grit and grime?
Vacuuming is always great for the BG numbers, also. I just knew I was going to have a wonderful, stellar number flashing up on the meter screen. Well, it wasn’t. I was bummed so hit the buttons to bolus for lunch. At which point the meter said, “Where’s the pump?” And you know what, it wasn’t there/here. It was on the bed where I’d left it a couple of hours before. Second time I’ve done that. Besides feeling incredibly stupid, it took all the fun out of vacuuming. Oh well.

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Yesterday, February 6

3 thoughts on “"Where’s the Pump?"

  1. Sorry on the “No Pump Issue”. I have done that a couple of times too…I forgot to put the dang thing back on for Joe after bath-time! ARGHHH!

    We are getting slammed with snow too! The piles around the rink are over 7 feet high!

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