I can’t whine

I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago at age 54. The initial diagnosis was T2.  I did the diet and exercise thing for awhile – thought I was God’s gift to Type 2 diabetes as the weight just fell off. But the numbers weren’t getting any better. Hmmm… Read books, but mostly read blogs and became an active (sometimes bitchy) patient. After a few years, an endo switch and tests, the next diagnosis was – and still is – LADA (T1 for us non-juveniles) (friends said, you have what?!).

So, I haven’t been doing this d-stuff near as long as others who blog or facebook or twitter about our diabetes.

I’ve been pumping just over a year. It’s had its ups and downs. I still am leery of making changes to the pump settings. I need one of our great
d-moms (or dads…)! Anyone want to adopt me? I’m cheap, I’ve already gone to college.

My point – yeah, I’m getting there. There are days when I’m tired of this and I want to whine. But I stop myself from whining in public (like on this blog).

Because… here’s my thought (finally…) – I will never have diabetes as long as many of you (or your children), have or will have diabetes.

Allison wrote about diabetes camps today over at DiabetesMine. I was envious.

Meet-ups are photographed and written about. Living in the boonies, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to meet other d’s at the nearest cupcake bakery.

But – big, but! (And no image, just the thought is icky)

The bloggers – all those 20 and 30 and even 40 somethings have been my “go to” when I’m stuck (not the right term but it makes me laugh).

Even better – the d-parents. Their kids were going through some of my exact issues.

And all of it has been helpful.

So, Thanks!

PS – I have five boxes of the recalled Animas cartridges. Hadn’t used them so can’t blame any crummy numbers on the faulty cartridges. Rats! I will give Animas credit as the email they sent explained all and so, I think they did a good job with a bad situation.

6 thoughts on “I can’t whine

  1. ooh, ooh… I'll adopt you! As long as you can babysit your little sister and brother so your Dad and I can go on a date night.

    But I don't know anything about pumps, so I guess that takes me out of the running. Darn.

  2. I am with JO!!! I'll take you and you live closer to me than to Jo!!!

    I'll help with your pump settings anytime Colleen. Although…Joe's numbers kind of suck, so you may not want me – LOL.

  3. Oh my goodness, you absolutely can whine any time you need to!!!! So what, I've had diabetes for 31 years and you've had it for six. It's still hard. It still sucks sometimes. In fact, I often think I had it easier being diagnosed as a child. My parents took on much of the burden. And kids adapt to change. I can't imagine being an adult and suddenly having to change such a huge portion of my life. I give you a huge gold star for everything you've done and learned in the past six years!!!!

    And I swear, once this stupid snow goes away I am up for a road-trip meet-up!!! The next picture you see on my blog with cupcakes will have you in it. 🙂

  4. I have all girls…you'll fit right in! It'll be fun 🙂

    I would love to meet so many of my computer friends…so let me know when to save the date!

    (((hugs))) I think you're doing awesome. Keep it up and hold your head high, my friend…er…adopted child… 🙂

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