Let’s Recall Diabetes

Can we just recall Diabetes? Oops, sorry, we made an error. Your diabetes has a problem. We’ll take it back.

In the last month, my Ping cartridges were recalled, and to add to the fun – last week, the IV Prep pads were also recalled.

Animas sent an email regarding the cartridges. The UPS guy delivered the cartridges in the middle of a snowstorm. I returned the defective cartridges via US Mail with a box and prepaid mailing label from Animas.

IV Preps – not the same story. I called Animas last night and was transferred to another extension. After several minutes of waiting, I hung up (I had another call). Today, I called again and was told, “Gee, you’re one of the first people to call about this. You need to call… (another number). I called the other number which turned out to be Smith & Nephew – the makers of the IV Preps. That person said, “Oh, no, you need to talk to Animas. They will be handling the recall if you received your IV Preps from them.” So – – – called Animas, again. Spoke with yet another representative who at first thought I was asking about cartridges – got that straightened out – and surprise, put on hold while he investigated just what I’m supposed to do. He came back to tell me that I would be receiving a letter from Animas about the recall and that letter would tell me what to do.

I have received NOTHING from Animas or Smith & Nephew regarding the recall of the IV Preps. I am not happy. I only knew about the IV Prep recall because of blogs/facebook/twitter. This is my body – no matter how old, flabby, whatever. I’m not happy that whomever doesn’t regard this body as important enough to let me know I may be applying a recalled substance to my skin. Not good!

What about – people who do not read blogs, etc…
What about – people who don’t have access to the internet…

Can we just have Diabetes recalled???

7 thoughts on “Let’s Recall Diabetes

  1. Ah yeah…so scary for those that aren't “plugged” in. I found out about Animas Cartridges from SUM…and then got the letter. As far as the IV PREP…I found out on-line via FB I believe. UGH…and ours are recalled AND we had a site failure in the middle of the night…and…I am yelling at hubby to NOT use the IV PREP at 1 am – LOL.

  2. I agree, you must NEED to be tech savvy to hear about this stuff, which is a shame for many, many people out there, T1 and T2 alike and many poor, who do not have access. I agree, could we have a recall on T1 please???

  3. I just wrote a long comment about how I was feeling unstrung myself. I lost it when I hit a wrong key and now feeling pretty p***ed myself. I hope we both have a better tomorrow than my day was today.

  4. Yup, Diabetes should definitely be recalled. Or actually, my pancreas should be recalled because it is clearly defective. I'd like to trade it in for a working one please – it is still under warranty, right??

  5. Your hassles with Animas is frightening. I am in the middle of researching likely topics for our group's doctor-to-patient chat, and this makes me think we ought to include recalls on the subject list. Life with diabetes is nothing short of a mine field. All the best to you.

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