Update – Yay! for the Animas Rep!!

I sent the previous blog to my Animas Rep and she responded. She’s going to work with me to see what changes I need to make as far as WHO I will see for my D.

She’s a great, enthusiastic, Animas representative. She runs our Ping Support Group and works hard to help all of us, T1’s and T2’s. She didn’t do my training as the endo’s office required that I go to a Diabetes Education Office for pump training. My pump trainer there is fabulous but… I fought with Cigna to get the sessions paid for. I have a referral to see her again but – need to spend some time with Cigna on the phone (oh, gag…) to make sure it’s paid for. (As you know, this isn’t a cheap disease…)

Kelly wrote today – along with Cara – and it has given me the impetus to DO this. As I wrote A. (the rep), I’m not a doctor changing person but, I’m on my 2nd endo office in 5 years. That’s ridiculous. I have never, ever switched doctors. BUT, if this was happening to one of my children (back when they were young), I’d be out of there so fast. Why don’t I advocate for myself in the same way?

I even did better with my dad. Six years ago, when I was dx’d, dad became ill, spent weeks in the hospital and then lived the rest of his life in a nursing home. I became so fed up with his doctor that I switched dad to a new PCP. Dad wasn’t happy at first but it worked, it was a great move and the doctor, well, she was/is God’s gift to the elderly. It was the right thing to do. And dad loved her…

I don’t need to love my endo. I do need to feel like he/she is listening to me.

Now I need to go find Kelly’s and Cara’s posts so I can do the links!

Oh yeah, it’s snowing. We’ve called the plow guy to make sure he gets here early so I can get to the airport to go to Kansas City!

7 thoughts on “Update – Yay! for the Animas Rep!!

  1. From my Animas Rep – – –
    I am happy to help you and I think you do a great job controlling your diabetes, and you deserve to be treated like a person who knows what they are doing!

  2. Good for you on making this change! Takes courage to move from the familar, even if it's not ideal. LOL, I think my endo has the same stupid log sheet. Bet you will get so much more out of this new CDE relationship. No emergency brake for you either! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog :).

  3. Okay, I somehow missed your last post – but I went back and read it and now I'm up to speed. And YAY!!!!! I'm so glad you got in contact with your Animas Rep and she will help you. And I'm also so glad you are pushing for the great care you deserve!!! 🙂

  4. Why do women our age feel like we're being viewed as B*****s when we try to take care of ourselves. Glad you took the bull by the horns as my own mama would have said.

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