Meeting Friends

I’m not the first to write/say this. I know I won’t be the last. Meeting other d-bloggers is just so much fun!

In planning a trip to visit the youngest son in Kansas, I thought it would be cool if any d-people in KC wanted to get together. Even meeting one other PWD would be great.

I’d found Barb’s blog awhile ago, and knew she lived in the Kansas City area, so I wrote her. She not only was willing to meet me, but put together a group of us to meet for dinner. This would all be nice enough, and quite wonderful, but she did this while undergoing tests for breast cancer. She was diagnosed that week while I was there. She’s a delightful, witty, strong woman married to a just as delightful husband, Jon. Loved meeting them both!

Meeting Jess and her husband, Josh, was like having smiles walk into a room. They’re both cute – and young – and busy (Josh stayed late at work and missed our photo op).

And then there’s Bob (Bob). (Two! links. In addition to his own blog, he’s over at Diabetes Daily) He’s fascinating and just as well-spoken as he is a great blogger. Next time I visit, he has to cook for us!

Our conversation went everywhere but the interesting part was that we all agreed that there is a need for more Type 2 bloggers out there (where? everywhere!). Of course, we talked about Rachel, (Rachel – also blogs at Diabetes Daily) and what a great job she does, along with others. Oh, and I told them the correct pronunciation of Bernard’s name! It’s different, he’s Irish! He arranged the very first d-meetup that I attended.

Scott had planned to join us but, his mom was moving back home that day, after some rehab in a nursing home and so, Mom is definitely a priority. Maybe I’ll get to meet him on my next “visit the youngest trip.”

A night of Kansas City barbecue – yum! with new (not really) friends (Two LADAs, two Type 3’s, a Type 1 and a Type 2 – sounds sorta like alphabet soup!). It was simply wonderful.

Now – two requests:
1 – Barb would really like more info about diabetes and breast cancer. If you’ve “been there – done that” please contact her.
2 – Barb’s putting together her own Promise Book. From her blog:  “In the meantime, I’m strengthening my spirit and resolve. I’ve reached out to my Facebook friends for their favorite scripture verses. . the one they turn to when things look darkest. I’m going to build a Promise Book to keep with me. . a picture of each friend with their verse to remind of their support, encouragement and strength, when I need it most.” If you can add to her Promise Book, send her a note!

7 thoughts on “Meeting Friends

  1. Oh my Colleen. . I'm sitting here in tears as I read this post. Thank you so much for your kind words and promoting my “project!” Indeed, the honor was mine, to finally meet, hug and share a meal with you, my dear friend. Anyone saying you can't make friends over the internet, need only chat with us to find that deep, meaningful relationships can and are built online. I feel as close to my DOC friends as any others.
    I so hope you are able to visit again soon. This was a DELIGHT! to have you here and I can't wait until next time.
    Much love, Barb

  2. I've only met one blogger friend in person so far. But I think that's great fun. We hope to meet Grannymar in Ireland if/when we get there this fall. Btw, you look lovely in purple.

  3. Colleen, I've been waiting to hear how the meetup went (how could it be anything but good?)
    I agree with Barb that you can have meangingful relationships online. Very cool indeed.

  4. That is awesome!!! Okay now. the weather is starting to get better. Maybe we need to think about a meet-up somewhere here in New England??

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