Hopeful Spring

With thanks to those of you who wrote, and most especially to my friends in Kansas City; I made the decision to switch Endo offices.

I don’t work on Fridays and so, spent some time today on the phone with: Cigna, PCP’s Office, Diabetes Education Office, New Endo’s Office.

Cigna – last year when I did my pump training at the Diabetes Education Office as the soon to be former Endo’s office didn’t/doesn’t do the pump training (and, won’t let you do training with Animas…???), Cigna refused to pay for the visits. I about had heart failure (Hmmm, maybe that’s why diabetes leads to heart problems. It’s not our bodies, it’s dealing with the Damn Insurance.). Anyway… it took months and letters and phone calls but – it was paid, and not by me. I have a referral to see the CDE/pump trainer again but don’t want to go until I’m sure it will be covered.

PCP’s Office – she called while I was in KC and is willing to give me a referral to a new office (as suggested by the Animas Rep – such a nice young lady). I called today to say, “yes,” please do the referral.

Diabetes Education Office – I have a new referral but want them to do a pre-determination to make sure it’s covered. May not have to do this if I can get in with the new Endo’s office.

New Endo’s Office – I can’t make the appointment until they get the referral…

Meanwhile, I’m composing my letter to Reader’s Digest.

In between, I vacuumed up what I hope is the last of the snow/sand grit in our entry way. Then I wandered outside because the sun was shining (still is!) and found this…

It must be almost spring! Daffodils are popping through! Yay!

6 thoughts on “Hopeful Spring

  1. Argh! Insurance. Glad to have it but sick of navigating through it.
    Yay… It's finally spring. I saw a bit of green grass today, and the afternoon temp was 66. It felt HOT!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. We are due for Spring up here!!! Wo HOO!!! Our snow is still melting. It is all gone in the front yard and we still have a foot or so in the back yard. Luckily it is going to hit almost 70 on Monday.

    What a hassle getting everything situated with insurance and the change-over. It will be worth it though.

    Have a wonderful w/e.

  3. Hi my first time her hope thats ok with you, love reading through your postings. Like you I will be complaining to Reader's Digest the article pissed me off.

    Love the photo of the daffodils trying to come through.

    I am glad I do not live in America and have your problems with health insurance. Here in Aussie Medicare covers most of our medicial costs I have to go and have my feet checked again and my eyes and I do not have to pay much at all.

  4. It's so great that you are taking the steps to see a new endo – I just wish the insurance companies didn't make it so hard for you to get good care!! Oh, and hurray for signs of Spring!!

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