A Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Still kinda cold but, the sun is out and – even better, the ice on the lake is quickly disappearing. We will soon have “ice out,” a big deal up here!

The BG numbers practically ruined by birthday this week. Had a nice day at work, made even nicer with a surprise luncheon at a local restaurant. It was great fun and yup, I was really surprised. When I got home four hours later and tested, I was well (yes, well…) over 300. Well damn, how’d that happen? I had bolused appropriately at lunch. I was 99% positive that I got a diet soda as our waitress is pretty good about that. I had no clue. So, instead of a lovely dinner out, we stayed home and I ate a salad while I continued to pump in more insulin. It finally leveled out and I just assumed all was good. Not so. Next day was just as bad.

Then – on Wednesday morning I changed my inset. When I pulled it off, I cursed myself for my stupidity. The site was icky, crusted, dried blood. The cannula looked fine. WHY didn’t I look at it sooner? Well, I did – but nothing was showing and so, I didn’t change it.  But, obviously I should have pulled it Monday afternoon. I’ll get better at this I’m sure but jeez!

In other news… The PCP’s office is working on my Endo switch. They will arrange it so that records, etc… can be shared. The new Endo’s office has two locations and they mistakenly made me an appointment at the “other” location. That’s been cancelled and now I will wait to see when I can go in at the location I want. We live in the boonies and the “other” location is north of us, near nothing. It’s an hour and a half drive to either. If I’m going to take a day off work, I may as well go where there is something else to do, like shop or eat.

Has anyone else tried DIASEND? I’ve installed it and uploaded my pump and meter info. The reports are interesting, and more complete than EZManager. I’d been using the EZManager program from Animas but this is pretty nifty. I still hate “connecting” the pump with the computer. The Ping connector (dongle???) is weird and takes awhile to transfer the info. All the while, you are disconnected, suspended and have to make sure the pump stays on – or it all stops and you start over. And then you MUST remember to “resume” the pump or you’re not getting any insulin. I only forgot to resume once, a year ago… Ranked right up there with leaving the pump at home once (just once…).

I do learn from my mistakes…

Anyway, the new Endo’s office does use Diasend so I thought I should figure it out before I got there.

And – the nicest thing today??? Came home from church to find this!

They’re “mini” daffodils. A gift a couple of years ago that I threw in the ground and they’re always the first ones to bloom. Made my day!

7 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday

  1. Spring is just around the corner. (love the flowers!)

    I hope you had a good birthday, despite the D throwing a wrench into the works. I still do stuff like thinking its not the set..& just a carb counting issue)It's really hard to tell sometimes.But I've learned,that if it's not budging by the 2nd bolus then it probably is the set.(that's just me..YDMV)

  2. We are seeing flowers here too!!! WoHOOO. Dave, Bridge, Joe, and I raked our whole yard this w/e getting ready to re-seed some of our lawn. Felt good to be out doing yard work.

    BUMMER on the highs Colleen. And…never heard of Diasend. I am not a techie though when it comes to number crunching. I document and highlight old school style.

  3. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I hate that a stupid bad site ruined your special dinner though. I have to admit, if the site looks good I usually assume it's okay too. I guess we never really know for sure until we pull it out.

  4. OK. Things seem to be working once again. If you try long enough you can usually figure things out (except with my vacuum cleaner..)
    Hope things have calmed down with the pump issues.
    Yes we had snow this morning The trees were all coated and looked beautiful. It melted as soon as it reached the pavement.
    But now the sky looks very ominous and I have to walk 8 blocks to meet a friend for her birthday supper.
    I had ordered some amarylis bulb a couple of weeks back and am giving her one as part of her gifr. I put themn in a paper bag, in the frig, to keep them from progressing. Now when I took them out, each had a green stalk about 4″ long.
    They must have been genetically manipulated to grow in the dark and cold. Spooky.

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