A New Endo

I have an appointment with a new Endo’s office. It’s not until June but, that’s ok with me. It’ll give me lots of time to be a (hee, hee) “model” diabetic person before I go in for a first meeting.

I hate switching doctors. Really.

Growing up, we never had our own doctor. Moving all over with the Army meant we went to the post/base hospital for “sick hours” and waited until someone saw you. Before our first son was born, I had already chosen the pediatric office after much discussion with friends and neighbors. It worked out great, with a few minor bumps, and we stuck with them for 10 years. My sons trusted the doctors, as did I.

Now, here we are in a small town and I’ve been seeing the same ARNP for over 10 years. Same with the dentist. Nobody’s perfect (especially me) but I do expect a physician to listen to me and work WITH me, not just dictate.

I think going to a new doctor is probably more difficult than a first date. But, I haven’t had a first date in a lot of years. At least on a date you can have drinks, eat, watch a movie, whatever. No such luck with a doctor. At least at the Endo’s you’re not sitting on a piece of paper, half naked. Oh well…

I want George’s new doctor. Just reading his post, you could (or at least, I could) feel, really feel, George let go of his stress. I also loved when the Ninja’s new doctor had other staff cheering for him. I don’t especially want or need a party but loved that the doctor out there in California obviously wants to work with George for the best for him.

There still is not much spring here in NH. In fact, there were snowflakes flying around today. I am not a happy New Englander…

Happy Easter!

Below is a toy… I took to dad when he was in the nursing home. He was appalled and wanted me to take it home. I convinced him to keep it for a day. The next day, he let me know that I “could leave it with him for awhile.” And that’s because, all sorts of staff people were stopping by his room to see his new singing bunny. Ranked right up there with leaving a huge plate of chocolate chip cookies in his room.

2 thoughts on “A New Endo

  1. Oh Colleen, I think of your dad and my mom being gone and a big fat tear rolled down my face.
    I went to my primary today and he said “oh, we have a new diabetes nurse right down the hall- would you like to meet her?” She was the nicest person and gave me a lot of respect for having 38 years of experience. My numbers weren't all that good but she was nonjudgemental. And she has some ways of getting my insurance to consider paying for more that 4 test strips per day.
    I left with a booklet on pattern control and an appointment with the nutritionist and some logging sheets.
    I have a long history of not getting along with health care providers. On a couple of occasions I have stomped out and slammed the door. But since my illness, I feel that everyone that I see are absolute gems. …..is it them? or is it me looking at things differently….
    I hope your new endo will be a good fit.

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