My Friend Died

This getting older stuff sucks big time.

My friend, Sandy, died this month. She was 51. She died of breast cancer. She was one of the reasons I went to Kansas last month. I wanted to see her before she died. I didn’t think she was going to die the next week. Her husband and daughters are left without their amazing, crazy, loving (I could go on and on…) wife and mom.

Last year, when I was in Kansas, Sandy and I talked and she explained that her doctor told her that the treatment for her breast cancer was similar to treating diabetes. She would not be able to get rid of it, but they hoped they would continue to help her control her cancer, like controlling diabetes. It didn’t quite work that way.

I’ll miss her.

Easter Blood Sugars – stunk. I did not eat ONE Cadbury Egg – no jelly beans – no nothing. We drove to Massachusetts (in the snow/slush/pouring rain) on Saturday in order to be in Attleboro, Massachusetts for my uncle’s 90th birthday. I have never seen so many cars off the road. The weather was dreadful. Sunday, the b’day party, was 78 degrees with sun and a happy Uncle. He was/is amazing! And I ate nothing. About noon I switched the inset – pulled inset was bloody (what, again?) and life (as it is) got better. The left tummy area is definitely not doing so great as a pump site. A 200+ did not make me a happy birthday partier but – life goes on. But – the diabetes part was sucky. Oh well.

9 thoughts on “My Friend Died

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend Colleen.

    I am glad that you got to spend some time with her before she died. Thinking of you.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend, but how wonderful that you were able to see her before she passed. And boo bad numbers for Easter, but hooray for 90th birthday parties!

    Hope those numbers are better.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend–it's never easy to lose the ones we love. The memories are what keep us going and propelling us forward (along with the support of family and friends). Thinking of you!

  4. That cancer thing, it just isn't fair. 😦
    as for the numbers? well, every once in a while we loose those precious days where diabetes is a pain when it interferes. HOWEVER.. it is now easter sale candy week. Dig in.

  5. Sending you hugs regarding your friend & I'm so sorry for your loss!
    Regarding your numbers, hang in there girl, wonky numbers happen and Cadbury Eggs are on sale this week!
    Happy 90th to your uncle – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. Oh Colleen, I'm so so sorry. You are too sweet a friend to be going through such rough times. I'm sending tons of good thoughts out to you.

  7. So sorry about your friend. When you live far away, it's so strange to get that news and wake up the next day in a world where she no longer exists. It's unfair. Diabetes and the things it steals is unfair too…BUT, grocery stores have cadbury eggs 90% off now. Maybe your diabetes was just trying to save you money!

  8. Sorry you lost a friend, but glad you got to see her recently. As for your sugar numbers, doesn't the stress of the drive through such awful weather contribute? Exercise and retiring made all the difference in Hubby's numbers. We're also lucky we caught on to it early.

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