Diabetes bloopers – Wednesday 5/11: Whether you or your loved one are newly diagnosed or have been dealing with diabetes for a while, you probably realize that things can (and will) go wrong.  But sometimes the things that go wrong aren’t stressful – instead sometimes they are downright funny!  Go ahead and share your Diabetes Blooper – your “I can’t believe I did that” moment – your big “D-oh” – and let’s all have a good laugh together!!

The Blooper Episode

The first day I was using a pen, we went to a concert (symphony) and I went out to the car during intermission to do my evening shot. Turned the interior car lights on and stuck the pen needle in – but – forgot to dial the amount of insulin so – no injection happened. Do over.

On a pump…

Hit a doorknob the first week. All those stories and warnings, but I did it anyway.

Forgot to take the tape off the inset – doesn’t stick, but the needle and cannula go in. Do over.

Forgot to take the cover off the inset needle – doesn’t go in. Do over.

Run to the office (church) while a funeral luncheon is happening and decide to sit and have lunch. Test and try to bolus. Ping meter can’t find the pump. Well, duh, that’s because it’s still sitting on my bed at home.

Heavy duty house cleaning. I know, know, know that after this I will have a TV commercial number (you’ve seen it, that famous 104) popping up on the meter screen. I’m so excited and fairly dancing with the damn vacuum. Fix lunch, test (what?? it’s not 104) and hit the bolus button but yeah, you guessed it. The stupid pump was on the stupid bed so stupid (that would be me) didn’t have that great of a number (and not much insulin in me, either). Oh well…

Left my multiclix lancet at a restaurant in Leesburg, VA. Two hours later, on the road, driving back to NH, I need to test and can’t find the spare multiclix. I used the needle from a reservoir set to stab my finger. Lancets are better… I’m going to put a spare lancet in the car.

I’m sure I’ll make other mistakes, but thanks to the DOC, I know it’s just part of living with diabetes.

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  1. Once at work I discovered I didn't have my lancing device. I contemplated using the following:
    – the back of an earring
    – a paper clip
    – a box cutter from the mailroom
    – that pointy spindle that you put messages on
    – and the stapler. I was going to calculate the depth of the staple and then put layers of cardboard over my finger so the staple would only penetrate a little bit
    Problem solving at its worst…

  2. I have left the plastic needle guard on while inserting a new set more times than I would like to mention. The “bounce” of the Inset always cues me in quickly that I didn't remove the plastic.

    The needle from the reservoir sounds a tad bit painful for the BG check but “crafty” none-the-less.

  3. We have totally done some of those things! It was funny to the boys, but for me who had to do the do over 'cause it was MY fault, I felt so bad!

  4. I am literally laughing out loud…and I'm at the office! I'll have to come up with some excuse….but thanks for the laugh!!

  5. I've definitely forgotten to put my pump back on after a shower but I don't think I've left the house without it… yet! 🙂

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