My Ten Things – Found!

My Ten Things disappeared for a while, but I found them!

That was the ONE post that I didn’t have a copy… Another lesson learned here in blogville.

This is one of Karen’s toughest “assignments.” But, tomorrow we can make up for our hatefulness (I just did spell check and it wants hatefulness to be hopefulness) when we talk about what diabetes has brought us.

So, here’s my list:
I hate… 

  1. what this disease does to children.
  2. that people DIE of diabetes complications
  3. what diabetes is costing me/us financially.
  4. not enjoying eating as much as I used to.
  5. doing the math, even with the pump’s help.
  6. the difficulty of finding a doctor/physician/medical person who respects the hard work that goes into my half assed attempts to stay healthy in spite of diabetes.
  7. not knowing why I’m high.
  8. not knowing why I’m low.
  9. not knowing what that dessert/snack/whatever will do to me.
  10. having diabetes.

1 thought on “My Ten Things – Found!

  1. I can vouch for everything on the list 🙂 I personally despise not having the answers to the ‘whys’ Thank you for sharing your list.

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