The Date with My Ping

Do you know??? If, when changing the battery in your Ping pump, it somehow goes back to the initial settings, January, 2007, there is a problem?

It happened to me the last two times I have changed the battery. I didn’t think twice about it, just updated (hee, hee) the date and time information and went on my Pingy way.

Then on Thursday, I was at my Ping Support Group and someone mentioned that their pump had done that. I said, “Gee, me too.” Our Animas Rep said, “Noooooooooo!”

So I called Animas on Friday to let them know. After holding for while… a long while… the support person made me check right then to see if the date/time were correct (they were) and said they’d be overnighting a new pump to me.

Yippee!!, shiny new pump, no scratches. I feel like a new woman!

This morning was set change day so I downloaded all my info to the EZManager before saying goodbye to my old pump. Got all the settings done on the new pump but, it’s been awhile since I’ve done the “communicate with the pump and meter thing” so I called Animas at 7am. After waiting for over 10 minutes I was transferred over to an answering service, “due to the large volume of calls.” Call back came about 5 minutes later – got the pump and the meter to shake hands kiss and agree to their new relationship. Pulled the old inset, which had been working great but – looked awful.

Only setting I missed was/is – the pump is vibrating whenever I bolus so I have to dig through and shut that off. One, it’s a waste of battery. Two, it’s annoying. Anybody know which menu it’s on? (Update 6pm – Answer from the Animas Rep – Advanced set up, sounds, R-Bolus turn from VIB to OFF.)

Now that I think about – having the date/time thing go wonko could be kinda dangerous. I just never thought about it…

So, I’m glad I got to the meeting. I haven’t been able to go during the winter due to weather issues so it’s been awhile since I’d seen my Ping buddies in Manchester.

And I’m posting this info because – maybe other Ping People have the same issue and like me, didn’t realize it could be a problem.

4 thoughts on “The Date with My Ping

  1. I probably would not have called about that either. If I ever decided to fire my Ping back up & have that happen, I will know to call. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I had never heard of this issue before. I have had to change out quite a few Pings on Joe…b/c of “loss of prime” issues though. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. I like your new “home”.

    I’ll go change it in my blogroll now.

  3. Hi Colleen! I got my new Ping yesterday after a very long time on hold as well. My meter just gave me that message that said I need to test because my bs is over 15 minutes old. I just tested and the strip is still in the meter. WTH! Hope all is well with you.

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